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  • rockmyplimsoul Level 5 (6,774 points)

    Skibs27 wrote:


    I am currentl on 5.1.1 and I did download it through itunes.  I can just restore through itunes and choose to restore with the 5.1.1 ipsw instead of updating?

    Yes, absolutely.  I have not yet updated my wife's iPad 2 to iOS 6 and was able to restore it to 5.1.1 over the weekend.

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    I have been trying to restore my iphone 4s for 3 days, I'm on 5.1.1 and did not update to 6 nor do I plan on doing so till they work the kinks out.... just like buying a new model car (you always wait till the 2nd year so they work all the recalls out) but everytime I try to restore I get itune error messges, have done endless hours of reading of editing the host file and also heard to delete them (tried both ways) tried in DFU mode, and I for the life of me can not get it o restore... I was told that apple is not signing 5.1.1 anymore and thtas why it wont restore when it contacts apple servers...


    Anyone have info on this would be greatly appreciated, especially from the post above me who succedded in restoring... thanks

  • Cheeva316 Level 1 (0 points)

    ALSO:....I had to download the ipsw file through a 3rd party site as this is a new laptop and dont have my old laptop anymore...

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    Apple blocks older versions once new versions come out. You cannot load 5.1.1 (as you have discovered) once 6.0 was released. As you will see complaints about every release and point release if you follow the forums you will never upgrade. Most people have no problems with the update, and those who do can solve those problems with a little effort and help.

  • Lawrence Finch Level 8 (35,006 points)

    Ah, well, if you wait for 6.0.1 I predict you will see just as many complaints about it. And the same for 6.0.2, etc; so, as I said, you will never upgrade again.

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    Rockmyplimsoul (or anyone else), can you expand a bit more on how to restore without being forced to upgrade to IOS 6?


    I just made the mistake of saying yes to syncing Ringtones (a brilliant way of losing all your music files on the phone). Even though I have the files on my computer, I only kept a particular selection of songs and i would rather not have to do all that sifting through again.


    I have NOT downloaded version 6.0, I just want to restore the data on my phone from one my earlier backups WITHOUT being forced to upgrade to 6.0.


    Everytime I click on Restore, it asks me to Restore AND Upgrade, then to accept the agreement for 6.0 and then it wants to start downloading it!!


    Thanks for your help!


    Extremely Frustrating, how something so simple can be made complicated.

  • stevejobsfan0123 Level 8 (40,262 points)

    Why don't you simply update?

  • Lawrence Finch Level 8 (35,006 points)

    The only way to not upgrade when restoring is to hack your phone, which voids your warranty. And we can't discuss how to do it in an Apple forum.

  • FreeMe_AK Level 1 (0 points)

    Why I do not want to upgrade at this stage:


    1. Maps: Sorry I do not trust it at this stage, and I rely on my GPS since i travel a lot to different countries and states every week


    Its my Work & Personal Phone, and below are some issues that our CIO office warned us about the 6.0 upgrade:


    2. Calendar sync: If you accept or decline a meeting invitation on an iOS 6 device, the event may or may not be added or updated in your Outlook Calendar. The email response will remain in your Inbox. It is best to accept or decline meeting invitations from your Outlook Calendar on your laptop.


    3. WiFi connection: If you are using WiFi on your iOS 6 device, you may have issues connecting to nearby wireless routers.  The new iOS can impact various wireless networks, including the Company X wireless network. For example, you could be connected but data is not flowing. If you experience this issue, please turn off the WiFi on your iPhone.


    4. Security: You may receive security certificate errors when connecting to Company X email servers. If you receive this message, click continue.


    I simply want to maintain the status quo and restore the data to an earlier date/time... If I hear those bugs are fixed, then I will be more than happy to upgrade.

  • stevejobsfan0123 Level 8 (40,262 points)

    Thanks for sharing, and know that you can submit feedback to Apple:

  • Lawrence Finch Level 8 (35,006 points)

    Regardless, you cannot restore the phone without updating to iOS 6. However, I accept Outlook invitations on my 4s with iOS 6 all the time, so I don't know what they are talking about.


    There is a WiFi issue with some iPhone 5's and networks that use WPA2/AES encryption. It only affects some phones, and all of them are iPhone 5's. It does not affect any other iPhone models.


    If you get security certificate errors your IT department is asleep at the switch.


    You can still use Google maps through Safari, and I've been using Apple maps with no problems yet, and I find them a big improvement because they don't make you tell the app where you are when navigating when it already knows, and the instructions are spoken. They also use an order of magnitude less data to draw the screen. Yes, they have some errors, but so does Google maps. Like the time it told me to take a train to Hoboken, NJ, then walk across the Hudson River. I found Google maps pretty useless except to tell me where I was, and Apple maps does that just fine.

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    FreeMe_AK wrote:


    Rockmyplimsoul (or anyone else), can you expand a bit more on how to restore without being forced to upgrade to IOS 6?

    Well, I must've caught it in time before Apple stopped signing 5.1.1 -- as I said, I restored my wife's iPad (from the prior 5.1.1 on her laptop) the weekend after iOS 6 was released, but it seems that plug has since been pulled.

  • FreeMe_AK Level 1 (0 points)

    Lawrence, I can tell by your responses that your a die hard Apple fan... Which is great, but your respones come off as dismissive of the already accepted problems out there (The CEO already appologized for).


    I appreciate that Apple Maps works for you, but that is not the case for many other people that reported the issues. As I mentioned earlier, I travel a lot, in the US and outside... I would rather not be driving in another country, on the left side of the road, with no sinage or signage in a different language crossing my fingers that your approval of the Apple Maps is in the right place. At the end of the day Maps is an extremely new offering that will continue to plague the consumer (the Guinea Pig) with all of its issues. I really hope the alignment between 3rd party data and Apple Maps get aligned quickly to ease our suffering.


    On a final note, it is upsetting that Apple continues to restrict its own consumers' freedom of choice when it comes to simple things like syncing and managing your data, and restoring to previous states (incase some one makes a mistake in their data). It really turns people away from what could be an even better product/service.


    Thanks for all the responeses,

  • Lawrence Finch Level 8 (35,006 points)

    You created an interesting strawman "driving in another country, on the left side of the road, with no sinage or signage in a different language crossing my fingers that your approval of the Apple Maps is in the right place." It is meaningless, however, as the situation would never occur in real life. I assume you have never actually done this; I have. There aren't many countries where you drive on the left. The most obvious are the English-speaking countries: UK, Ireland, and Australia, and, believe it or not, signs are in plain English. The few other countries, Japan, Thailand, Hong Kong, Macau, India, Nepal and Pakistan all have signs in English also. And the signs in all of those places are excellent, and better than most signs in the US. However, in most of those you would have to be out of your mind to drive yourself.


    In addition, You could certainly never safely use the Google Maps app for driving anywhere, either at home or in a foreign country. To use it at all you must tap a button whenever you reach a waypoint or it won't give you the next instruction. Which means you need to take your eyes off the road to watch it while driving so you know when you reach the waypoint, then also take your eyes off the road to read the next instruction. Useless for driving at all. The Apple maps app is actually practical for driving because it DOES give spoken turn-by-turn directions.


    In a foreign country, unless you want to pay $thousands for roaming data it is less than useless, as it downloads maps over cellular data. Neither the Google nor the Apple apps are practical for International roaming.


    For International travel you need an app that stores maps on the device, such as navigon or tom-tom. Or better yet, a $100 dedicated GPS. For travel in your Home country you can't use the Google App while driving without risking your life and the lives of your fellow drivers. You may not want to use the Apple; that's your choice; there are plenty of others you can use. BTW, all of them will have errors. Even Google.

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    hey lawrence

    Can you help me with error 3194 which i am getting while I am not able to even restore iphone 4

    I havent used any illegal means with iphone no jailbreak nothing and still struck with this problem

    and not able to resolve also.


    Please help me