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If I plug my iPhone in using the same cord, the iPhone is recognized.  It was recognizing it earlier when I was trying to upload files. 
Now it just has a message about coming to the support page.
I haven't used it in a long time, but was hoping to salvage what I could to let a friend test out if she'd like to get one. 
While plugged in it shows the battery icon, a little later will show the apple icon followed by the support link. 
My computer is not recognizing it's existence so I cannot complete the last step (refreshing the software). 
Have reset and retried. Restart doesn't seem to be the problem.  Problem seems to be wtihin iPod, but can no longer connect to reinstall or restore.

iPod classic
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    iPod Displays a Red "X" Icon


    If you are unable to get the device into Disk Mode, it's likely that the iPod needs servicing. The Hard Drive is probably shot.



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    That's the odd thing; there is no red X. 
    I left it plugged in overnight and all of yesterday.  This morning it was working, but still not recognized on iTunes (I had disconnected and reconnected before I could check it in iTunes.)  The when I tried to connect it again it started acting funny - not connecting, cycling through apple/support/battery screens . 
    I had suspected the battery was a problem, but I think you may be right - that the hard drive is gone.  I have someone locally who may be able to tell me if it's salvagable.  I'd like to have it last a few months for my friend, but I know it may be a lost cause at this point. 
    Thanks for the help.  I don't want to give her a fancy paperweight.  I wonder if the Apple store would consider looking at this thing or if it's just too old.

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    No problem. Best of luck. I'll have my fingers crossed for you.


    They might, but the employees there would be more likely to just mark it off as a hardware issue.



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    Hi Beans!


    I found your question while trying to get my ancient click wheel iPod to work again. I connected it and got the same cycling you got, but I connected it to my iMac and opened disk utility. The iPod showed up in the left sidebar of disk utility. I was able to verify the iPod, and it checked out okay. Immediately, the iPod stopped cycling between the charging icon and the message that the drive had been disconnected without being ejected properly to straight charging mode. I think my iPod is going to be okay.


    I hope you hung onto yours and you can try this.