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I just received my new iPhone 5 today and I successfully restored from back-up.  However, upon reviewing my pictures I noticed they are all blurry and this is not how they looked on my iPhone 4.  I re-started my phone and it still looks the same.  I noted others have reported this issue as well.  Is this an iOS6 issue?  Is there a fix for this?



iPhone 5, iOS 6
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    I was able to resolve this problem last night by calling Apple Care.  Apparently the problem had something to do with the iOS install at the factory.  The resolution to this issue was I backed up my phone to iCloud and then wiped the phone.  I did a restore and re-installed iOS6.  I then added as a "new phone" instead of restore from back-up.  Then I retrieved my back-up from iCloud.  After that I synced my photos and they now no longer appear blurry. 


    Joe and Zak at Apple Care were very patient and awesone as far as I'm concerned!!!  Thanks guys!!!!



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    i restored ,new phone and still like this I hope they replace my unit. I dont give a **** whos on backorderIMG_0007.jpg

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    Sorry to hear you are experiencing the same problem.  Does the camera work normally?  Can you take a picture and it looks clear when you view it in your camera roll?  Also, does everything else on your phone work?  If so this is exactly the scenario I had.

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    Thanks Greg. No it looks bad while taking it ,and in camera roll. Everything else seems to work fine. I restored twice new phone still same pics. I'll just return it.