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    Hi, I was having a similar problem with my ipad 4 with iOS 6.0 in a hotel with the wifi disconnecting. I had my auto lock set for 2 minutes and whenever I let the 2 minutes run out, the ipad would shut the screen down and disconnect from wifi. I simply set auto lock to never and now no disconnection from wifi. That may not help everyone but my wifi is still connected after 30 minutes.

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    Thank you very much, it appears that your solution worked for now. I will wait and see if it is a permanent solution but currently it works great.

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    Hi I have testing with my 2 modem for WIFI LOSS OR DISABLE when STANDBY or LOCKED



    iDevice SETTING:


    3G OFF



    Results after locked 20mins:

    DLINK MODEL:  DSL-2640B which only availble wireless B/G




    iPhone 4      1 unit      IOS 6.0.1     WORKING FINE

    iPhone 4      1 unit      IOS 5.1.1     WORKING FINE

    iPad 1          1unit      IOS5.1.1     WORKING FINE

    iPad 3     1unit     IOS6.0.1          WORKING FINE

    iPhone 5     1unit     IOS6.0.2     LOSS WIFI when STANDBY or LOCKED, gmail, line, whatsapp no pop up...



    Results after locked 20mins:

    TPLINK TL-MR3420 which support B/G/N




    iPhone 4      1 unit      IOS 6.0.1     WORKING FINE

    iPhone 4      1 unit      IOS 5.1.1     WORKING FINE

    iPad 1          1unit      IOS5.1.1     WORKING FINE

    iPad 3     1unit     IOS6.0.1          WORKING FINE

    iPhone 5     1unit     IOS6.0.2     WORKING FINE, gmail, line, whatsapp pop up! WORKING!



    BEFORE received my iPhone 5, it come with IOS6.0.1, i DID NOT Test anything direct UPDATE to IOS 6.0.2.

    NIGHTMARE!!! Wifi keep disconnect and reconnect with my router! WIFI slow 0.22mb/s on my 4mb INTERNET!

    WHAT I DO:...

    DOWNLOAD and RESTORE IOS6.0.2, RESTORE FROM BACKUP     NOT WORKING! slow wifi, disconnect...

    RESTART iPhone 5  and RESTORE in DFU mode, SET as NEW     NOT WORKING! slow wifi, disconnect...




    LAST I DO....


    Celular and 3G OFF



    and OPEN WIFI Page and CONNECT to YOUR WIFI, LEAVE the WIFI Page reload and reload and reload for 10pm to next day 7am (go to sleep, leave it 9hours reloading), KEEP THE WIFI PAGE RELOAD AUTOMATIC and BRIGHTNESS to MAX...



    OK! TURN OFF the WIFI, Shut Down iPhone with Power Button only, Start iPhone again...

    Connect WIFI, SIGNAL before 1bar Now can detect 2bar...I dont know why...

    WIFI did not drop and keep reconnect, stable! PROBLEM SOLVE!

    SPEEDTEST back to 4mb/s as previous slow speedtest 0.22mb+/s only...



    Now the Problem left is my iPhone 5 WIFI not support with my DLINK(wireless B/G only), I swap to TPLINK(wireless B/G/N), PROBLEM SOLVE, received PUSH MESSENGE(GMAIL, LINE, WHATSAPP) when iPhone Locked




    Hope can help...GIVE ME a LIKE if WORKING...LOL

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    Hey guys. i solved the problem. It is very simple. Go to the appstore and install an application called <<talkatone>>. This app will keep your internet connection active even if you are on lockscreen. There is no need to create an account and actually use the app. Just install it, put it in a folder and forget about it. Hope this helps!

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    Just set Auto-Lock to "Never", and manually lock screen.


    Wifi will stay on.


    Why don't people read posts?


    Elvis posted this in January, still there are thousands of people asking the same thing.

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    Now that there is a simple, easy, solution, people still complaining. Why?


    You just have to change your auto-lock settings to never.


    Use your finger to manually turn off screen.


    Boo hoo waa waa

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    I sync my iPhone 4 (iOS 6) with iTune in my PC over wifi, then I leave the iTune opened in the PC. My phone is still connected to wifi from my PC even after it's locked. A bit annoying to have iTune working in the background. But it's good to have wifi )))

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    hello guys!

    stuck in the same problem too, have read many forums from different countries and haven't solved it.

    I have 4s with 6.1.3 iOS.

    The main thing I discovered - the phone is connected in different ways with different routers: wi-fi works at my job fine when the screen is locked, but it turns off when I'm home. And I guessed that maybe it is not iphone problem but problem with router settings.

    At home I have a router D-Link Dir-651 and I just decided to try a different combination of its settings.

    Here is the combination that made ​​the wi-fi to work!

    I changed the value of the "channel" to "auto" and "Wireless mode" from "802.11b \ r \ n" to just "802.11n".

    And it works!

    Hopefully, this method will help someone.

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    Think I've found a fix to the problem, if you know your going to have no signal then go into settings and turn cellular data off. Having it off helped fix my problem on iPhone 4S 6.1.3

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    Disabling auto lock + Hard reset + Reseting Network Settings and connecting back to my router worked.

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    If you plug the phone into a power source, then the WiFi will stay active in sleep mode.

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    That's it folks, it's not a bug or something. iOS 6 was designed to cut Wi-Fi after auto-lock to save energy.
    However, apple should at least allow users to change this conf if they want...

    Fortunately there are 2 easy options to overcome it:

    1) As twinkletoesmofo has wrote above, Wi-Fi is not cut when you MANUALLY lock your device.
    So, set Auto-Lock to "Never", and manually lock the screen.

    2) Or try to use an app that keeps using wi-fi, such as "talkatone" as suggested above by Dimitris. It should prevent wi-fi be turned off after auto-lock.


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    There are built-in ways to change the behavior.  Like dilbert said, connect it to a power source.  Or like you said, disable auto-lock.



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    Greetings everyone


    I'd like to tell you all my story:


    - IPhone 5, (swiss-)german enviroment, updated to the latest available IOS version 6.1.4, no Jailbreak, Exchange Mail Account (Company) installed, and some non-business Apps who need a steady WIFI connection!

    - Datatransfer (Email, Push aso.) only with WIFI, mobile Data (3G) is comletely disabled! (had my reasons)



    What I can confirm till now is the following (tested with 2 different WIFI's [Home/Company]):


    - WIFI becomes disabled after Lock (REGARDLESS when done manually by button or by Lock Timer)

    - WIFI is still available after Lock at least for about 30sek - 1min (haven't measured it exactly)

    - When locked, the WIFI connection will be reactivated AFTER each locking event (manually, auto) every 10min for a few sec's (at least in my case; measured painstakingly ^^) to check for Emails, Push messages aso.

    - When a Exchange Email Account is installed, the option for "Never lock" is GONE!!! The only available settings then are from 1-5min delay time! (this has been confirmed by other Iphone user in different forum entries dealing with this case)

    - ALL the tricks mentioned by a hundred other Iphone user (reset Iphone network settings, manually setting the needed WIFI connection, reboot IPhone, installing an WIFI consuming app, check/change WIFI router settings/firmware aso.) didn't work in my case... none of them! :/



    So even with the latest availabe IOS version this behavior is somewhat annoing... as a lot of people already have mentioned it, why won't Apple let us change this behavior with an additional setting? Frankly, I give a **** if the WIFI is still running after locking and consumes additional battery power, because I (and it seems a lot of other people worldwide too) NEED this function, period!


    I mean, c'mon Apple, this junk is known for years since Iphone 1 and fills tons of forum entries, and still no native Apple support for it, only with an Jailbreak...


    Well, just my 2 cents...