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  • Mr N Level 1 (20 points)

    You can actually do this yourself, if you have a Micro-USB to USB cable. But I've tried and it didn't make any difference.


    Not sure whether the repair centre would try this - Apple themselves don't seem to know what the problem is. Of course, they don't communicate with customers, so it's hard to know whether they're even aware of the problem.


    Apple, communication is a good thing.

  • sott3 Level 1 (0 points)

    I was having a wifi issue with my ATV2 after updating to 5.1: the ATV saw my wifi networks but refused to connect. I noticed it said DHCP NULL in Settings, so I manually set an IP address and then tried connecting again to my wifi. This worked, as my ATV2 with 5.1 is now on the Internet and seeing my iTunes library.

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    Why wont my dang netflix work now? It says Netflix Unavailable and it is really aggrevating!!!

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    thanks for that.


    how do you get access to DHCP NULL in Settings, so i can set up ip address.


    my avt2 works fine via lan but cant connect to any apps via home wi-fi even though it sees my VM SHUB.


    i need to use it down stairs in the living room ASAP

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    I explain how I used a static ip address to fix my ATV2 at:

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    After the update my Apple TV could not find my wifi.  It would only find my wifi if is was in the same room as my wifi device.  I got a replacement for my Apple TV because it was still under warranty.  My new Apple TV is working fine because I am not going to update it until apple fixes this the September update.

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    Hello all.... sorry I've not communicated this sooner.  On my first Apple TV box, when I updated it to 5.1, I had the streaming problem described.  I could NOT watch a show..... I ended up doing a reset of the unit through the setup menu.  It reset the system (still on 5.1) and has worked fine since.  When I updated my second box, it had no issues.  Don't ask me why, but this worked for me.  It's certainly easier than trying to downgrade versions...... hope this helps.

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    I have an Apple TV 3 and I have tried updating it to 5.1 on several occasions. I've updated it through wifi, Ethernet, and through iTunes. I still keep getting the same problems. I can stream anything from my MacBook Pro and Netflix won't load movies. I don't know what else to do.  I guess I'll just have to use the previous version because the 5.1 update has been doing nothing but causing problems.

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    called apple support my apple tv 3 broke after update ,took back to bestbuy got new one.

    apple support said when it says update don"t do it.

    do update later every time it pops up, there tecs are working on problem.



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    Good to know thanks.  I wish they would fix the problem soon.

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    Same issue here, 5.1 won't let my Apple TV activate & adjust time.. Because of that it won't let me access my Apple ID or any other features.


    I hope Apple has a quick fix for this.



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    - post removed -


    Network problem came back again.  How do I downgrade to 5.02??

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    Never mind, I found the instructions here:


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    OK, here are some updates:


    I tried downgrade to 5.0.2 and then upgrade back to 5.1, still my WiFi was not connecting on both versions.


    So I took it back to Apple store and exchanged it for a new one under warrenty, now my ATV is running again.


    I won't upgrade to 5.1 for now until Apple fix the bug.

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    After 5.1 messed up my ATV3 I downgraded to 5.02. Now everything is working like it should.  I would like to eventually upgrade to 5.1 but I have no way of knowing when they will have fixed it.