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I recently upgraded my iPhone 4 to IOS 6, then bought an iPhone 5.  I wanted to make use of the do-not-disturb feature, but create a group of callers who would be exempt and could ring my phone at any time.  Did lots of searching and see lots of complaints about how groups in the contacts app works differently in IOS 6, but I never used groups before and I can't see how to create one.  So how do you create a group?

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    In Address Book's menubar, Address book > File > New Group > edit the name of the group > hit enter.


    Now select all contacts and drag the members to the group. 

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    I don't have an "Address Book" app in my IOS 6 iPhone 5.  Did you mean the "Contacts" app?  There is no menubar in that app.




    Ah, just figured it out from some other threads!  Apparently you can't do this on the iPhone!  Has to be done on your PC or Mac or wherever you have the iTunes that you sync with.  Geez, I sure was on a wild goose chase with this one.

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    I hope in the next update, we can create contacts groups directly from the iphone itself, just like we can create new calendars.


    It is rather a bother if we have to Do not disturb feature on the phone but realise the group is not created and then have to get to the computer to create it.


    Cyrus !

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    Favorites work different than groups.  If you go into contacts and tap someone's name you'll see an option to add them to your favorites.  The Do Not Disturb rules will not apply to them.

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    The Do Not Disturb rules will not apply to them *if* you have "Favorites" checked in settings/notifications/do-not-disturb/allow-calls-from/ .  If you want to allow only a subset or superset of your "Favorites" to override the do-not-disturb rule, then you'll need to create a new contact group for that purpose and check that group.  But note that you can cannot create your special contact group on your iPhone.  You'll have to create it on your PC or Mac.

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    I don't use Microsoft Outlook, so how can I create a group?  All I really want to do is separate my phone contacts from my email contacts.

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    I found an application called Groups, it's free on the AppStore and you can make new contact Groups

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    AAaaahh! Why does everything have to go through iTunes!!!!

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    Go to on a web browser and log in. Click on contacts and you can make contact groups right there. You do not need iTunes, provided that you've signed into iCloud on your phone before.

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    Thank you! I got it on You can do what ever you desire with your contacts there!

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    Alexzafish wrote:


    Thank you! I got it on You can do what ever you desire with your contacts there!

    Yes, but you'll soon discover that there isn't a simple way to use the groups in iOS for sending mail.  It is not intuitive or very elegant, but you can do it:


    When you reply, forward, or start a new message, tap the + sign to add members.  In the next window, tap "Groups" to see all your sources of contacts and contact groups.  Now unselect all groups except the one you want to send the message to.  Tap Done and then the list of names you see will be just the members of the selected group(s).  Then select them one-by-one.  Oh, and remember to re-select all the other groups when you're done for the next message you want to send.


    It would be so much simpler to just be able to select the group name directly as a single contact, without having to fiddle with all these other steps.  I think there are other mail apps that will do this, but iOS should handle this better IMO.

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    I can't even believe what a cumbersome and clumsy process it is to actually use a contact group. In fact, you can't really. Even after downloading an app and creating a group, you STILL have to select each contact individually. SO FRUSTRATING !!!

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    Still no Group creation function facilities on iPhone address >contacts on iOS8..... Come on Apple. This is long over due. Even back in the 80's my Palm 680 had it. Android always had this feature ... Come on Apple iOS team it long over due , we  need it on the next iOS release please please.

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    Look 2 messages above yours.

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