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after i upgraded EFI on my retina macbook pro the proformence reduced to unusable. under heavy load under bootcamp windows7. the cpu clock drops and as well as cpu clock. this is the screen shot of gpu clock monitoring from windows u can see the gpu clock is running at 270Mhz at most of the time and trying to be back to 725Mhz(yea, not 900Mhz!) when im running a graphic benchmark at same time cpu will run about 1.1Ghz as well. i noticed that it will run 10-20sec normally then CPU and GPU clock will start dropping. It's almost like speedstep is programmed backwards. My CPU is constantly running at 3.1-3.2GHz, and then as soon as a game loads, it drops to 1.2GHz. I've lost track of how many times I reset the SMC  reseting SMC PRAM, reinstalling windows using Bootcamp or even erease the entire drive and start over from network recovery MacOS did not solve this problem. so all the recent games like COD MW3, Starcraft II, BF3,or D3 will only run about about 10 fps as i was playing them with no ploblem before the EFI update.


this is killing me! please help.


im in NY, in this season i dont think is the overheating problem. when i check the temperature, it stays about 80C (fans will run about 4k rpm). but some time heavy loaded Mac OS cpu is about 90 degree but only with 3k rpm fan kicked in.


i did search online, seems that some other people have the same problem with rMBP or MBA 2012.

anyone knows if i take my macbook pro to the store, will those people work at genuines bar help me with this "windows" problem?







MacBook Pro with Retina display, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)
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