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    you all are barking up the wrong tree. Every model is going to have its own firmware revision. When Apple puts out a new IOS update, it also updates the firmware. For every model, everyone should be on the same firmware revision.


    BUT, An iPad will NOT have the same revision as a 4S. A 4S will NOT have same firmware as a 4 or a 5.


    Please compare apples to apples and I believe that you will see I am correct.


    I just left the Apple store with getting a new iPhone 5 handset after series of problems with Verizon. After first calling Apple and telling them what I did, and letting them run a couple more checks, they recommended a handset replacement. I made a Genious appt and the guy asked no questions and said I have done enough and he is aware of wifi issues and just swapped it out for a new one.


    I notied the serial number is in a higher alphabet so I hope that is a good sign. Now, mind you, this is an iPhone 5 that was only a week out of the box but the techs at the stores are aware of wifi issues. Telephone support, not so much so I recommend after trying to restore (without using a backup data restore) and if that doesn't help, calling Apple and making a Genious Bar appointment.


    They are on first come first serve and only have replacement stock available, at least at my location.


    Best wishes and after I play with wifi now at hme I shall post results. I pray I didnt swap one problem for another.

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    Hey all IT experts, I do not understand all these - router... firmware... Etc.... All I am expecting as a consumer from a high-tech company - Apple is a device that is easy to use with no trouble - no need for troubleshooting!  I believe this is a very basic requirement as a consumer with no IT background.

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    Hi all!


    I don't know what happened but I suddenly got my wifi back and working! I don't know if the Apple people finally fixed it or if I got a gift from God. Honestly I don't care! Thanks for all the advice and support over the last few days! You guys are amazing


    With all my love,


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    After upgraded to iOS6, the modem firmware of my new iPad is 2.0.02.  Please advise How can I upgrade to 04.12.02?


    I supposed such upgrade shall be automatic with iOS6 upgrade... What has Apple done to resolve this so far?

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    Hi Everyone,


    Please refer to my post below of how i resolved my connectivity issue



    In short: Netgear Prosafe WAP Wg102 : I had to downgrade firmware V5.03 to V5.01 and everything back to normal.


    Netgear is aware of the connectivity issue with IOS6 and are in the process of writing a firmware for the device.


    As a poster commented after my solution, these issues may not entirely be an APPLE fault, it could be firmware frmo your WiFi vendor which they sent to APPLE before they rolled out IOS6 which was buggy, hence having to "roll back" firmware.


    Good Luck everyone

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    That seems like a very different problem; my wifi was grayed out wherever I was.  It took replacing the phone ... and the replacement phone worked fine (wifi included) after upgrading to 6 at the Apple store. 

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    To ALL Apple Users:


    I'd like to let everyone know that AFTER all my WiFi Woes since IOS6, based on my tests in my company, i can confirm that the below WAP now works with Iphone 5 with IOS 6.1. About time Apple fixed this.

    IOS 5 is OK, but anything after or between IOS 6.1 is a disaster.


    Netgear Pro Safe WAP WG102

    Firmware V5.0.3


    NOTE: Firmware V5.0.3 had known connectivity issues with Iphone 4S and Iphone 5 from my tests.


    A NOTE for everyone, i'd be tweaking around with your FIRMWARE again on your WAP devices, perhaps you might have good luck finally like myself.

  • Shanon.Roberts Level 1 Level 1 (5 points)

    Now for a Slap to Apple,


    As per your brief on the update:

    Support Article:


    Explain to me how all of a sudden

    Netgear Pro Safe WAP WG102

    Firmware V5.0.3


    Is now working with the LATEST firmware on IOS 6.1.


    The UPDATE is MORE than LTE support, seems like more support for WAP Devices somehow ?

    Apple should publish EVERYTHING what was changed in this update

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    Ok try this it worked for my iPhone and iPad.  Unplug your wireless including the battery back up for at least 1 minute.  Let it reboot then try to log in

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