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    I am from Canada and even when I was on military deployment and on my old iphone 3GS (Jan 2010) constantly i never used more than my 1G data limit. Within the first billing cycle on my 5 (I purchased at the end of Sept) I had charged up to $60 worth of extra data... I NEVER use that much data since I am back home I connect on wifi at work when I can, and always at home. I will have to call my provider (bell) and see what they will do. I hope to get a credit back cause its disgusting as a consumer to have to suck up a bill that steep because of an issue with the product. Anyone in Canada had any issues with Bell Mobility re: data over usage and getting a credit for it?

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    I am in the UK I bought two iphones on a 02 plan last saturday, as it happens the reception was poor even in our home and we had wifi issues so the phones went back on the monday and I got them refunded, going to buy sim free next.  But I was amazed bearing in mind that I was only setting my phone up indoors about ten feet from the router how much data I had used, I then turned to wifi only and it was down hill from there on, with constant no connection problems, taking a long time to download the apps, so that eventually I connected the phone to my computer and did it that way,  everything else works fine.

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    So happy to see someone else with this issue!  I was on "online chat" with AT&T rep for over an hour the other day trying to find out why my iphone 5S used 1.2 GB of data in less than 3 hours!  AT&T rep tried to claim it was because I might have had Facebook running in the background or that I watched too many youtube videos, which is ridiculous. Got nowhere with them. I also find that I have large amounts of data supposedly being used when the phone is connected to wife. Last night I wasn't using the phone AND it was connected to wifi but supposedly I used 30 MB of data.

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