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If you experiencing the above subject heading, please read below


Go to Settings, General, About

Scroll down till you see Modem Firmware

Reply Back with your Modem Firmware

Modem Firmware: 04.12.02


Wireless Access Point Device: NetGear WG102 which is superceded by NetGear WG103.

I have Firmware 5.0 for this device


Also check your IOS Version and (BUILD)


If your Modem Firmware is LESS than the above, then you have the same problem as myself and many others with Wireless Connectivity issues to WAP's


It is my understanding, unless im proven wrong by anyone with my above findings, this can only be fixed by APPLE. I have reported this as a BUG


Please REPLY only to this thread if you're criteria is less than the MODEM FIRMWARE listed


Im checking to see if i can be proven wrong in my findings.


I have performed the below

Backup Phone

Factory Reset

Network Reset

Hard Reset

Soft Reset


Apply Store in Australia, Sydney CBD George St have tried the above with meand cant help either.

Apple support via the phone cant help. This problem has now been logged as a BUG for the time being.

iPhone 4S, Windows 7