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I am pulling hair. On one of two PCs that were nicely syncing with Outlook and the iCloud for Calendar, Reminders and Notes (not Mail) data entered on the PC does not show up in iCloud or either my iPhone or iPad. I can update in the browser in iCloud and the updates quickly show up on my phone.


Support and Instructions at Apple do not reflect all the chnages that iOS6 created. It is all a little more cryptic and vague than I can fiind solutions in.


I must use Outlook. it is faster and more compact that a web bases sting of apps in iCloud and other work arounds like Google Calendar to share my calendars across four devices.


One PC was just find. It is running WIndows 7 Home Premium and is 32 bit. WHen I opened iCloud Control Panel on this PC the thing asked me to set up a @me.com Apple ID. I already had one and have no idea what is was really being used for. I have never sent or recieved any mail with this. My Apply ID is or was a @gmail.com account. Even with makign this update the PC opened iCloud Control Panel and I have the option to select the 'mail, calendar, ...' box. That control panel shows my @gmail.com on the main panel with my name.


One PC#2 that used to wrok just fine and across the devices, the iCloud control Panel does not show the option and has a link to icould.com to set the perferences. That has been done and checked. The control panel asks immediatedly on opening it for me to go to Windows's Programs and Features and run a change to repair iCloud. Done 10 times tonight. I close it all. Restart the PC#2 and this whole loop just goes on and on. This is a 64 bit machine and there is supposed to be a 64 bit iTunes installer. I don't know if it is critical to syncing these devices with Outlook but IT CAN NOT be found. Apples support says that a 64 bit installer is needed to install Itunes but the link that me to a downloa dpage that list the requirements and seems to clearly say that a 64 bit iTunes Installer is needed. I cannot find such a thing.


SO, where is the 64 bit Installer for iTunes? Did a new version of iTunes change this requirement? since I was doing just fine before the update to 10.7 and iOS 6.

More importantly, why will the Icloud Control Panel not find Outlooks 2007 ready to connect to?

I read in a community note that there should be an @me.com email account in Outlook's data files and an iCloud pst folder. They are there.


Must both machines and both deveices (iPad and iPhone) all use the same Apples ID and if so How to I get PC#2 to use my @gmail.com Apple ID?

I'll even live with the @me.com or @icloud.com Apples ID. But if I do, must I change it in all the devices? I know this is recommended but the instructions also say these can be mixed. I think the PC #2 does not know what Apple ID to use or which one will match the server's ID for my account. But it could be something else I am missing here.

HP Laptop 64 bit Vista Sp2 Hom Prem, Windows Vista, will not sync withiCloud
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    After being an IPhone user since the first AT&T phone came out I am thinking of the New Samsung.  It is extremely frustrating that Apple removed this from iTunes.  You are suppose to make your product move functional not less.