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I'm working on old projects with a lot of LiveType .mov files.  By the nature of the way LiveType works, I rendered all the titles with the same name as the project file, so I have .mov and .ipr files.  Now years later when I reconnect the project, FCP finds and favors most of the .ipr files.  When FCP renders the .ipr files, I don't get the same results and worse yet, it slows down rendering noticibly, meaning I have to manually go in and reconnect each file, one by one, to make sure it connects the .mov version.  All the projects clearly have the .mov file as the original source, even in the title, but FCP seems to favor .ipr files over .mov.  Apparently FCP can't understand the difference after the "."  Is there a way to block FCP from seeing the .ipr files?

iMac, Mac OS X (10.7.4), FCS 3
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    The obvious answer is to eliminate the .ipr files by exporting QT files out of LiveType instead of "round-tripping" to-from FCP. I started doing that quite some time back because of irratic behaviors.

    It's a great little app, but Apple just dropped support for it.