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I received my iPhone 5 yesterday, a black 64 GB. I have WiFi problems with it.

It connects fine to the WiFi and everything works, but only for a while. At any given moment it just loses the internet connection while still connected to the WiFi.

Turning on and off the WiFi brings internet back temporarily but it can lose the connection again shortly afterwards.

I have tried the phone on 3 WiFi networks.

-D-Link router at work. Same problem.

-TimeCapsule 3rd generation at work. Same problem.

-TimeCapsule 4th generation at home. Same problem.


What I've tried so far is:


-Set the TimeCapsule WiFi at home to channel 11 for 2,4 GHz and 48 for 5 GHz rather than automatic.

-Gave the 5 GHz WiFi its own name, and tried using only 2,4 GHz and 5 GHz respectively.

-Did a full reset of the phone without restoring from backup.


No problems at all with internet over cellular.


So far unsuccessful. What to do? Wait for iOS 6.0.1?

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