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How do I delete photos and photo albums from my iPhone 4? The instructions given do not work. No "delete" symbol appears next to the album name when I press "Edit," and no trash can icon for me to click appears below most of the individual photos in the albums the computer just loaded on my new iPhone 4. When I synced the new phone the computer added these photo albums without permission from me. They are now taking up about 3 GB of memory on my phone. I would like very much to get rid of these photos from the phone. How do I do this?

iPhone 4, iOS 5.1.1
  • AnaMusic Level 9 (57,110 points)

    To delete photos from your device

    1. In iTunes, select the device icon in the Devices list on the left. Click the Photos tab in the resulting window.
    2. Choose "Sync photos from."
      • On a Mac, choose iPhoto or Aperture from the pop-up menu.
      • On a Windows PC, choose Photoshop Album or Photoshop Elements from the pop-up menu.
    1. Choose "Selected albums" and deselect the albums or collections you want to delete.
    2. Click Apply.
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    I did what AnaMusic suggests --- others suggested it too -- and it eventually got rid of my unwanted photos. But the bar at the bottom of the page on iTunes that shows how much capacity should be available now on my phone showed a lot more space than was actually available when I unplugged the phone. It said I should have had 3.3GB free, but I only have 2.0GB free, according to "Settings" on the phone.. What makes the difference? I am sitll new to iPhones and I HATE the syncing process! Something terrible always happens when I sync the phone. It never makes any sense.

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    In the current version of iTunes there is no "Photos" tab.  What do you suggest?

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    If you're running the latest version of iTunes, the "sidebar" is now hidden and is what most users are used to seeing along the left sife of iTunes. To reveal it, go to the View menu along the top of the screen and choose "Show Sidebar".


    Once available, and with your iPhone connected to you computer, click on the name of your device under the "Devices" category. To the right, you should see the Summary page for your device. Along the top of that area within iTunes, you should see other tabs of information such as Info, Music, Movies, etc. Click on Photos and proceed from there.


    Hope this helps.

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    That did it. Thanks so much!!

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    I have an ablum on my phone that does not display in iTunes and does not let me delete (even a single picture) on the phone. How do I access, save and remove this album?


    Thank you!