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It's a long story but my current issue is this one:

-> Mountain lion running on my Macpro but no more admin rights !

-> the 2 users account on that computer have no more admin rights (probably due to the fact I had to reinstall Mountain Lion on top of existing ones due to a crap bug in 10.8.2 with my RAID card making system unbootable !).

-> due to reinstall of Mountain Lion on top of existing it removed from login screen the button Others so no way to login as root

How can I restore admin rights to these 2 accounts ? as all infos I found to do that in single user mode are no more valid with Mountain Lion


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OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2), 20G RAM, 8 x 1TO HD (4 internal)
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    Shizzam shizzam have I got a solition for you.



    First shut down the mac. Once its off hold down the command and R keys.

    Press the power button like you normally do and continue to hold command R for a moment

    this will put it into recovery mode and give you a list of languages, hit the right arrow at the botttom

    on the next screen ignore the OSX utilities and look at the top bar of the screen

    click on "Utilities" on the top bar, not "OSX Utilities"

    then click on terminal

    this opens a black box, you are now using UNIX, be sure to brag to your friends at the office watercooler

    type: resetpassword   with no space between the 2 words then press return

    this opens the password reset utility. Click on the "MacintoshHD" at the top, or whatever you may have renamed it. On the next line click on the account name and change it to "Administrator ROOT"

    Root = GOD btw

    enter a password twice and hit save

    for the love of fishsticks do not hit "reset" at the very botton, it won't fix anything for you

    you will get a message that it was succesfully reset, hit ok

    next hit the apple at the top left corner of the screen and select restart

    now login to the mac, note that Root will not be listed

    once logged into one of the managed, non admin, accounts go to system preferances - users and groups

    click on the lock icon at the borrom left of the window and a password box will open

    use: root    in all lower case with the password you just set.

    BAM! you can now change your restricted accounts back to Administrative.

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    Thank you, try this at home, have a nice sunday.

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    I had huge trouble from corruption in Lion, 12 serious glitches lasting for 9 months. The Apple Centre thought that there was corruption in my User Account (I had installed Lion, and re-installed it, by not using an erase and install method). I erased and installed M. Lion and have had mimimal trouble since. I prefer the erase and install method despite it being more trouble in re-setting things.

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    @ Kroysc: tnx, you saved my life