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Just got the new iphone 5 and my phone is not ringing out

iPhone 5, iOS 6
  • matrixxzero Level 1 Level 1

    Some preliminary items.


    I assume you adjusted the volume rockers to loud.


    How about the silence switch on the left side. Is it set to silence (red line showing)?


    Lastly, Settings > Sounds >Ringer and alerts change with buttons set to "ON" and ringtone is not set to none?

  • rhomajay Level 1 Level 1

    Volumn is on LOUDEST

    Ringer Alert is set to ON

    Ringer volumn volumn under settings is also set to LOUD

  • texan101atlanta Level 1 Level 1

    There must be a bug or something affecting the sound settings. The same thing is happening to my iPhone 5 and the same was happening to my 4. This happens occurs randomly and it is extremely annoying. When it happens, the phone does not ring, text messages do not have a tone, the sleep-switch click does not make any noise, etc. When I got to check the sound settings, everything is turned up as loud as it can get and still no sound. When you test other tones, all you get is a vibration but no sound. It is sometimes fixed when you get a call or a text message..SOMETIMES. I just found out from another blog discussing this issue, that if you go to your music, then play any song on your list and choose the iphone speakers (if you are connected to other sources e.g., bluetooth, dock, etc.), then it fixes the issue. I tried it and it worked. Why do we need to do this in the first place? Apple, get this problem fixed please!!

  • SCroc Level 1 Level 1

    In my case, the new option "Do not disturb" was activated automatically when I upgraded the phone.  You can see a moon quarter at the left of the time in the basic screen if the option is turned on.  Desactivating the option fix my problem.  You can desactivate the option in "Settings" or you can change the settings in "Settings" then "Notifications".

  • bkhough Level 1 Level 1

    I dont know if this will solve your problem....however, I was also missing calls because my new iPhone 5 was not ringing.  Texts and emails were using their normal sound and vibrate notifications, just not ringing or vibrating for incoming calls.  I noticed this starting about the time I paired it with the bluetooth in my car.  So, after reading the stuff above, I decided to turn off the bluetooth on the phone.  Mind you, my car is not running and therefore it is not ringing into the car or anything.  I merely turned off the bluetooth and now the ringer on my phone is working.  While I hope this helps your situation, I'm not sure what to do if I want it to ring and to be paired with my hands-free system....

  • Eastwood300 Level 1 Level 1

    There are 2 sets of controls...


    First make sure under sounds is turned on.  Then back out of that and go into notifications select phone setting and then sound information there.  Don't know why but they offset each other.  Had a problem with the vibration not working and then troubleshot it from there.

  • S1ngularity Level 1 Level 1

    Same thing, but I've narrowed it down a bit.  The notifications, ringer, sms tones all seem to be playing at the application volume now rather than the ringer volume.  If I turn up the volume in an application, I get my notifications back. As I'd really prefere it the other way around, like it's been for a few years now, can get fix? My preference is to have apps generally default to [near]silent, but get notifications and... phone calls.

  • sheroy Level 1 Level 1

    im facing the same problem.. my new Iphone sometimes & i mean sometimes doesnt ring at all & goes directly into "Missed calls". i dont even hear the call but get a missed call balloon appear. weird . on the caller side it shows busy...again very strange. please advise.

  • rhomajay Level 1 Level 1



    Switch off your Bluetooth and your ringer should be back to normal

  • GVPR5 Level 1 Level 1

    As crazy as this sounds.  Nif you are running the music player in the background and the sound is turned down. It will not ring or text tone. See if your volume is down on your player.    It worked for me.  There is a complete disconnect from the side controls for me when the player is running and the volume is all the way down.  Hope that helps

  • Freydrum Level 1 Level 1

    I just found this - it fixed my problem with the sound not workingon my iPhone 5 - 2 missed alarms now!! 


    The iPhone will stop outputting sound out of its external speaker after headphones are removed from the headphone jack . Essentially, the iPhone thinks the headphones are still connected and will continue to ouput sound only through the headphone port until you're able to "convince" it that the nothing is plugged in. Often, even powering down and back up one's iPhone won't solve the problem.

    Why? Because that attempted solution is just too fancy. Believe it or not, the only known fix to this issue is to repeatedly insert and remove a device from the headphone jack. Remember to play a song or otherwise output sound when plugging and unplugging your earbuds, headphones, etc.

  • jimatcsco Level 1 Level 1

    I've tried all of the steps outlined here and still can't get my iphone 5 to ring. I can hear music and even get the ring to play through the plug-in device jacked into the phone (external speakers).


    Any idea when this problem will get fixed?



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    Jim, I completely understand and hope by now your problem has been resolved. If not I would completely reset your iPhone. First be sure to enable sounds and alerts. Disable your Bluetooth device/ radio in your iPhone. My problem is solved by turning my Bluetooth off when I'm not wearing it (which is completely ******** but whatever). I'm new to IOS and all of my experience and advice is based on my 20 years accumulated knowledge as a PC programmer and novice android user. Good luck

  • jimatcsco Level 1 Level 1



    Thanks, i was able to resolve the issue. After doing a soft reset the ring came back. I've been able to plug my iPhone into speakers and headsets since without a problem.





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