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On Tuesday 9/25, I went into iTunes (10.7) Account Management to remove my iPhone 4 from Managed Devices. This morning I went back into my iTunes Account Management to make sure iTunes Match doesn't auto renew, and noticed in my Managed Devices area that my iPhone 5 actually says iPhone 4S with the name I have my phone in parentheses. My iPad seems to be fine and says iPad 2, but I thought I purchased an iPhone 5 ~ at least that's what was delivered on 9/25.


Why does it say it's an iPhone 4S?


How can this be fixed, because it say's I can only make changes every 90 days!

iPhone 5, iOS 6, 32GB
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    Go to settings, then general-about. What model # does it show there?

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    Joe5150 wrote:


    Go to settings, then general-about. What model # does it show there?

    Are you talking about from the iPhone? There's no question the phone I have is an iPhone 5!

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    You sounded unsure in your original post "but I thought I purchased an iPhone 5", stupider things have happened.

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    I have this same problem. I was able to replace my old iPhone 4 with the iPhone 5 as a recognized device, but it registers the iPhone 5 as an iPhone 4S. It is no "biggie" for me but would like to know what is going on.

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    Same problem...I purchased a Verizon iPhone 5 and it shows as "...iPhone 4S" in


    iTunes/Store/View My Account/iTunes in the Cloud/Manage Devices>


    Device works fine.  I only thought to check because I'm selling my 4 (not 4S) and wanted to unlink this device from my iTunes account.


    Any solutions would be welcome.


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    I just bought two new iPhone 5......replaced my 3GS phones.

    In iTunes>View Account>Manage Devices> I removed my old 3GS fine.

    After I connected and setup my iPhone 5 phones all went well, work great, etc.

    However, as this thread says they are listed/show as iPhone 4S (iPhone)


    This must be some error with iTunes and new iPhone 5 ?


    Hopefully someone will post answer.

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    Trying Restoring your iPhone 5 even if bought new or within a few days ago.


    I had to do a full restore to fix a problem unrelated to this and checked to see if the restore somehow fixed this problem as well. Turns out, it did. However, I warn you to do a full backup both to iCloud and on your computer first before restoring.

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    No offense......but this is a terrible idea.  Apple needs to fix this in iTunes or in AppleID or where-ever the mismatch is.  I should not have to restore my phone and then restore all content, re-tweek all the configs, etc. so the "managed devices" shows as iPhone5 vs 4S.  I know you wanted to let the thread know this made a change but I'd like to see Apple respond on where the issue is with a more reasonable solution.

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    Just went in to iTunes and now the managed devices say iPhone (iPhone).

    Interesting in that my two kids iTouch's show as iPod touch (iPod touch).

    Yet, my iPad shows as iPad (Eric's iPad)......which the name is brackets is the name I set for the device.

    I say this is interesting since I do have device names for the iTouchs and iPhones to help distinguish.

    Guess I'll just have to see how things progress on this.....looks like Apple is addressing some how.