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I have an older model Airport Express that I have plugged into my stereo reciever. I no longer have the Airplay Icon that used to be near the bottom right of iTunes.  The Airport Express is working fine with iTunes when streaming music from my MacBook Pro...but not from my Windows 7 Desktop PC w/ iTunes

Windows 7
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    iTunes 9272012 92735 AM-1.bmp

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    Finally after trying to uninstall/reinstall (no luck!)


    If found a thread about IPv6.


    I followed the same directions on Windows 7 64 bit and it worked.

    Disable IPv6 on _all_ of your adapters.  That includes Virtual Machines (VMWare... yes those too), even wireless.


    Close iTunes.  Start iTunes.  Works.  Airplay Icon is back.


    It looks like All of the AirPlay devices may have to be re-setup.  They won't auto configure.. yet


    Even though this is for the Mac... I believe they are onto something.



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    Hi There,


    For all Windows 7 users, here is a link that will run a script to disable IPv6 restoring airplay in itunes.




    Run fix 50409.  It will ask you to restart and airplay will be restored.

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    This worked for me!  I have had this issue for months, not sure why disabling IPv6 worked to restore Airplay.  APPLE - what the heck is going on that I had to disable this to make Airplay again?

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    Ran the link and rebooted but no luck. Still no airplay icon available in itunes( win 7, 64 bit pro for me. Actually nothing Apple wise seems to ever work for me. I have ATV 3, ipad 4 and mini and a many iphones  3,4s,  and 5 models and nothing ever fully works as described by Apple. My home network works perfect for eveything but Crapple!

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    Fix 50409 on http://support.microsoft.com/kb/929852 worked for me.

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    Bonjour service was disabled for me!

    to re-enable in vista/win7 you would go to control panel, admin tools, services, and bonjour is in the list, right click and start.



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    I may have the solution. I have tried everything I have found on the web, to no result. No airplay icon on the full screen of Itunes 11 and could only change the volume with that of the mini player.


    Then I have installed all possible updates through windows update and it appeared.


    Hope this helps.

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    Disabling the IPv6 on all adapters worked for me

    After disabling IPv6 and restarted iTunes and my AirPlay icon was (finally) back.


    My laptop is running Windows 8 and iTunes


    Thanks to MB_88

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    Yes I tried verything else, but in the end disabling IPv6 on my wireless adaptor solved it - airplay i back.

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    Open control panel.


    Choose Network and internet




    Choose wireless Network Connection or something similiar. If connected with ethernet then select it and press right button.


    Click the properties button


    Find Internet ''PROTOCOL VERSION 6(TCP/IPv6)''  anduncheck it, then click OK.


    Click CLOSE


    Restart your PC and try.



    Reason For Problem


    When u will use ipV6 , you have to setup your router and lan/wifi in ipv6 mode. Then bejour pass sound through ipv6 but when you use 2 mode ( ipv4 and ipv6 ) together benjour gets confuse some time it pass through in ipv6 and sometime ipv4 .if your router setup is ipv4 then, when banjour pass sound through ipv6 you will not see airplay button in itunes.


    Hope it's clear to everyone .


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    SUCCESS!  Not only did this put the AirPlay icon back into iTunes but it solved a related issue whereby I was unable to see my main iTunes computer as a Shared Library from another PC.