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Is anyone else having this problem?  Since updating to iOS 6, my Yahoo mail is not properly pushing to my iPhone.  It works sporadically at best. It appears to work sometimes for an hout or two and then stops for no apparent reason.  When I open the Mail app,it will do a manual download of emails for the past several hours worth of email (since push last stopped working).  During this time, my other email account properly pushed through mail, so connectivity is not an issue.  I've tried deleting and re-entering the account, resetting network settings and even resetting device to factory settings.  None of these worked.  Has anyone else solved this?

iPhone 4S, iOS 6
  • Frank G in DF Level 1 Level 1

    I wanted to relay follow up regarding my IPhone 4 with recently installed io 6.

    Again what was happening was strictly in send - went solely to outbox.

    All other functions worked. So did not know if server at Yahoo end

    So I chatted with AT&T and Apple and tried : network settings refreshed, delete reinstall Yahoo Mail etc.

    Did the later twice. Same outbox result.

    I subsequently performed a "restore to factory settings" and complete reinstall of back up and same resolved the issue.

    Either a coincidental timing regarding your servers (which I doubt) as I also tried Yahoo mail through Safari/Goggle from the phone and same result.

    My own conclusion is io6 with installing initially corrupted a Yahoo file as no problem until same and possibly the install on top of io5 was just too much so I did a clean "restore" etc.

    I share the above in case other users contact Yahoo about a similar circumstance.

    What yahoo initially recommended:

    If you are having issue sending emails using your iPhone, please follow these troubleshooting steps in order:

    Do this:

    To this:

    And use these details:


    the iPhone's Mail settings

    Choose Settings > Mail > Yahoo! Mail account and confirm that your Yahoo! Mail account information—address and password—has been entered correctly.


    receiving mail to your Apple iPhone

    Go into Yahoo! Mail Inbox, click the Refresh icon in the lower left, and confirm that you can receive new Mail messages.


    sending mail from your Apple iPhone

    Go into the Yahoo! Mail Sent folder and confirm that the mail that you are trying to send is there.


    the setting for getting new messages automatically

    Your Yahoo! Mail is instantly transferred to iPhone as it arrives at the Yahoo! server. Send a message to your Yahoo! Mail account and look for it on the iPhone.


    the setting that makes Yahoo! Mail your default email account

    From the Home screen, choose Settings > Mail > Default Account and confirm the account name.


    the Yahoo! Mail account in the iPhone

    From the Home screen, choose Settings > Mail, choose an account, scroll down, and tap Delete Account.


    the Yahoo! Mail account in the iPhone

    1. Choose Mail.

    2. Choose Y! Mail (top of the list).

    3. Provide your name or your account name in Name.

    4. Provide your Yahoo! Mail address—for example,—in Address. Please make sure to include the @ and the address's domain name, such as, after the ID.

    5. Provide the password for your Yahoo! Mail address.

    6. Provide a description of the account.

    7. Confirm the settings.

    If you can’t sign in to Yahoo! Mail, please try to sign in to and follow any instructions provided. If you are unable to sign-in to, please click the I can’t access my account link below the Sign In button.

    Additionally, if the steps on the help page did not fully resolve your issue, I'd suggest following these additional steps to continue troubleshooting:

    • Set up your Yahoo! Account on your iPhone using the Yahoo! option. Please make sure that you enter your new password when setting up the account.

    • Make sure that your iPhone is not set to Fetch new mail manually. To verify this, please take the following steps:

    1. Open Settings.

    2. Select Mail, Contacts, Calendars.

    3. Select Fetch New Data.

    4. Ensure that Push is ON.

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    Thanks.  It seems we have different problems.  My sending hasn't stopped working.  It's just my receiving.  Sometimes push works fine and sometmes it stops for hours at a time.

  • lorahbic Level 1 Level 1

    yahoo just isn't working at all for me.  It keeps asking for the password; which i type in multiple times and then it says it connect to the server.  I have tried deleting yahoo and resetting it, but that doesn't work either.  Can't anyone from apple please tell me how to fix thi?

  • deggie Level 9 Level 9

    This is a yahoo server authentication problem. Go to the yahoo website on your computer, go into your email and then log out from the email. Now log back into email on the computer site. Immediately after doing this try to enter the password on your iPhone in Mail.


    If that does not work you may have to actually change your password on the Yahoo site then enter it on your iPhone.

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    After much experimenting, I was able to isolate the problem.  It appears that the Yahoo mail pushes fine until the Weather app is opened (the Weather app pulls its data from Yahoo).  From that point, email no longer pushes through and must be manually retreived by opening the Mail app and pulling down to refresh.  It seems that opening the Weather app and communicating with Yahoo for weather data screws up other Yahoo communications.  So, the solution appears to delelte the yahoo email account and then reset neteork settings. Before re-adding the Yahoo email address to the Mail app, log into your Yahoo acount on a PC and change your password.  Then re-enter your Yahoo account info with the new password.  Email should push properly unless and until you open the Weather app.  So, don't use the Weather app!  I was able to replicate and fix this bug, so I'm convinced this is the reason.  I called Apple Care and let them know about this issue.  Hopefully, they'll fix it.

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    "Push" is not an option in yahoo mail configuration. Only "manual" & "fetch" seem to be available.

  • Apt402 Level 1 Level 1

    I deleted the Yahoo account and the added it again and it worked for me. Thank you guys!

  • calamity_h Level 1 Level 1

    I tried just logging out of Yahoo on my PC and logging back in and resetting password on my iPhone and it only pushed mail through once.  Deleted my Yahoo mail account from my iPhone and re-added it and now it seems to be working properly.  I have just opened the Weather app to see if that caused any problems and then sent myself an email and received it ok so that doesn't seem to be affecting my particular phone.  Thanks everyone for the tips.

  • Morac Level 1 Level 1

    My push email stopped working today on my iPhone 4S.  It still works on my iPad 2, but nothing I've done, including deleting the account off the phone and re-adding will get it working. 


    I've even tried adding other Yahoo Mail email accounts to the phone and push will work for a short time and then stop working for all accounts.  I downloaded the netstat app and I can see that the connection's bytes doesn't increase, so there is no push notification happening.



    Another problem I'm having with Yahoo Mail on my iPhone and iPad is that it periodically simply won't sync.  It will say "downloading 1/x" emails and then stop and not download anything.  That's been happening since yesterday.

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    Here is my issue with my ymail account.    I have a ymail account, a yahoo business account and a gmail account.    More frequently than not,  when an email is sent to my ymail account it will appear on my laptop (signed in to my ymail account) and will appear in the Yahoo app - but will not push to the iPhone (4S with iOS6).   If I refresh my email on the iPhone it still does not download the email.   After repeated refreshing I might see "downloading 1 message" but then the message still doesn't appear.   If I send my ymail account another email, it also gets "hung up".


    If I send an email to all 3 accounts (ymail, Yahoo business and gmail),  the Yahoo business account receives the push email...I can fetch the gmail email...but the ymail email will still not download (and it is appearing on my laptop and the Yahoo app).


    I also noticed earlier in the week that some of my ymail (receive email) was being delayed even when using the laptop - but all seems fine now.    The Yahoo business account, which uses a different server, works fine on all my devices and did not have any issues.


    So,  based on this it seems there is some issue with the way the iPhone communicates with the ymail server.  By the way,  I also have a Samsung Galaxy S3 and the ymail appears in the Samsung native email app.


    I've narrowed it down to something with the iPhone.   And, I have deleted the account and re-entered the ymail account many times.    It does seem to help, but only for a short period.     I have also completely shutdown the iPhone many times.   

  • sydeshowbob Level 1 Level 1

    I am having a similair issue. Reset yahoo mail password, worked fir a few minutes and then went back to saying "load more messages".. and would not sync. Have tried making sure that the apple id (which is the same as my yahoo mail acct) password is the same as my yahoo password. It worked for a few minutes and then went back to "load more messages" . If i remove the acct and add it back it does the same thing.  I have another yahoo mail acct and a gmail acct that all works.  Just this one does not. I have even tried adding this yahoo mailbox to a diff iphone and it does the same thing.  Iphone 4 s ios 6.  Has anyone found a solution?


    In addition i have added this yahoo mailbox to my moto xoom running jellybean and it seems to be workimg fine.

  • johnmlevin Level 1 Level 1

    Having this issue with gmail and work exchange email in addition to Yahoo...


    I'm on a iphone 4s with an update to ios6 the day it came out...


    I usually wait to update to big  updates till all the kinks get worked out...but got bit by this one.


    Hope Apple steps up and fixes quickly

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    My Yahoo email also downloads sporatically. I get the same message as someone above where it says it's downloading messages, but never does. However, it only happens in my "Inbox". It seems I can download messages from my trash folder and other folders just fine.


    I have my email set to manual download.


    I am running Iphone 4 with IOS 5.


    I can delete the account and reinstall it and that works for a while. I don't want to delete/add my account every time I want to check my email.

  • Morac Level 1 Level 1

    Downloading email now works fine.  Push was working for a few days, but now it's not working again.  Doesn't matter how many times I remove and add my Yahoo account from the phone. 


    Push still works fine (as has been working fine) on my iPad 2 (iOS 6), but it's not working on my iPhone 4S (iOS6).


    I contacted Yahoo and they said everything is "good" on their end and that I should contact AT&T or Apple.  I'm pretty sure that's not the case.

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