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My house is in an area that is covered by 3G.  But I work in an area that is 4G-LTE.  (Actually, my house is right on the border of these coverages because I notice it switching from 3G to LTE periodically.)


Anyway, what I notice is that when I switch from the LTE to 3G network, my iPhone 5 clock gets corrupted.  It's 2h22m off.  Weird.  It doesn't do it right away, but after I'm home for awhile, I'll notice that the clock has been changed.  I know this corruption causes errors in my iMessage app because I've gotten an error message about it.  It may cause errors in others.


Once I leave my house and go back into stable LTE coverage, I can do one of the following to correct the clock (because it won't autocorrect):


- turn the phone off and then back on

- go to Settings => General => Date&Time and switch "Set Automatically" off and then back on


These fixes will also work if I stay in 3G coverage.


This has happened every day since I got the phone so I know it's a real bug.  I'm sending a support request to Apple today.


If anyone has a permanent fix, post it here.  Thanks.


Otherwise, however, I love my iPhone 5 and LTE speed makes all the difference.

iOS 6
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