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  • KatieJo33 Level 1 (0 points)

    Same here, Hermann2! My lightening cable didn't charge my iPhone 5 when plugged in to my MacBook Pro, or the wall (we tried several different outlets). I made an appointment with the Genius Bar and wouldn't you know it, when the guy plugged my lightening cable into a laptop there, it charged just fine! However, when he tried using a regular outlet using the cube, it didn't work. He said it wasn't the lightening cable even though I told him it didn't work previous to my coming there, and all he would do was replace the cube. Take a wild guess if I could charge it when I got home? NOPE. I called Apple and they are shipping me a new cord. Once I send back the crappy cord, I will be refunded for the new one.


    SHAKING MY HEAD. It's a shame...but I still love my iPhone 5.

  • jhullian Level 1 (0 points)

    I had the same problem just now.  But... what i did was give the phone a little break by turning it off for about 10-15 minutes.  I then plugged the cable to my macbook and it started to charge again. 


    I'm not sure why the iPhone 5 does that and i'm thinking that it is a common thing now.  Maybe this can be fixed by a simple update in the near future?

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    It's really difficult for me to point out the flaws in the new iPhone 5.  This happened to me too.  The iPhone 5 is probably the greatest phone i've ever had but this I guess is just a minor flaw.  I'm hoping the next update for the iPhone can fix this because my cord is working fine, it just will not charge my phone.

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    I have the same issue and so I went to the local verizon store and tried their display iphone 5 charger and it worked, unfortunately I had to pay double over ebay for a new cord. Verizon is sending me a replacement phone but it won't even be send out for another 3 weeks! Guess I will get my new cord and then use my current 5 until my new one arrives and then just have two chargers which isn't bad. Its disappointing though that you spend the money on this phone and their new and "improved" charging cords don't work.

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    Same problem for me except the little charger icon flashes on and off really fast like it's switching between charging and not charging. 


    Genius bar appointment in the morning for more diagnostics.

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    Got my phone... used it one day... put connected the cable to my iMac and started charging the phone.  I unplugged from the iMac and plugged it into the wall using the adapter and put it on my night stand.  I got up this morning that the iPhone is dead... nothing. It won't event turn on for a second to display the drained battery and shut off like my old iPhone used to.


    Really Apple?  

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    I went home after the Houston Galleria Apple Store refused to replace my charging cord. It worked for a little while and it did not charge again. I returned to the same store the next day. The guy at the genius bar proposed that it might be my faulty outlet at home. I told him the iPhone 5 would not charge or recognized by my MacBook either. He then proposed my MacBook might be not working. Holding my temper and I asked him: what is the probability both my electric outlet and my MacBook had problems at the same time. He said he did not know. He still did not want to replace the cable for me (Did he has an attitude issue here?). I remember how Steve Jobs got his first job at Atari. I stared at him without blinking my eyes, I would not leave the store without my charging cord replaced. IT WORKED. In other to get me out of the store, my cord was replaced reluctantly. Steve was a real genius. He might not know how to make an iPhone, but he knew how to play other people. The phone has been charging well with the new cord.

    I am going to propose this to Tim. Send a back up charging cord to each new iPhone 5 customer ASAP. All customers have two cords. Steve would have done the same thing.

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    I had the same issue. I took my phone to the Apple store and they simply reset the phone. From the user guide.


    "Reset iPhone: Hold down the Sleep/Wake button and the Home button page149image17328at the same time for at least ten seconds, until the Apple logo appears. "


    This worked like a champ.  The phone actually had 91% battery life, so the issue was not that the phone did not charge, it was hung.


    After chatting with the genius guy, the issue may have been because I had backed up my 3gs and then restored that to my new phone. This apparently intorduced some badness.  The genius guy recommended not to do this but to instead setup the iphone as a new iphone.  We did this in the store, and I have not had a problem since then.

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    My new replacement charging cord works well. No problem so far. If everyone buys a replacement cord one time over the life of the iphone5. The math is alarming. Apple makes $15 profit per cord sold. Assuming Apple eventually sells 100 million iphone 5, the projected profit is 1.5 billion dollars over the next few years, just selling the cord. Apple has every incentive to make the charging cord propriatory, even the idea of implanting a chip in a charging/data cord is a genetically bad idea.

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    I just reset my phone like you said because I wasn't sure my cord was charging. I had my iPhone 5 for 1 week and it never did fully charge. I took it in to Verizon on Wednesday to get a cover and mentioned that it never fully charged. The guy did a reset I think. Today, Sunday we went to see the shuttle at the California science center and took pix and videos and my phone went dead. When I got home I tried to turn it back on after i plugged it in and it wouldn't turn on. So I went to Verizon again and they sent me to apple. (He said it might be a lemon.) They gave me a new phone but could not recover my pictures and videos. I could have cried. Now I just hope it wasn't the cord. I'm charging it now and if it doesn't charge I'm going back.

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    This forum helped me out, so I'd like to add to it with my experience. Hopefully it will help others. My experience pionts directly to a bad Lightening USB cabel. Same problem as explained by many..... Got my new iPhone 5, plugged it into my MacBook Pro using the Lighten/USB cable that came with it, and it would not charge and was not recognized by itunes. Would not charge when plugged into the wall either. When I was giving it another try on the Macbook, I started getting a USB error message that said something like...."One of your USB devices is drawing too much power, so to avoid damage the USB ports have been shutdown." The iphone 5 was the only device I had plugged in. Today I called Apple and went through the whole thing again, only this time I got the message when I plugged the lightening cable in without the phone connected! I also ordered the lightening/30 pin adaptor to use with an older 30 pin cable and it works exactly how expected in all scenarios.


    Funny thing happened when calling Apple..... The first person I talked too had not heard of any issues with the lightening cord despite the many documented incidences here. I thought that was strange. He referred me to a Sr. Apple Advisor who immediately took my call back number, then failed to call me back. After opening another case online, I immediately got a call, explained the issue, and was set up with a replacement cord inside of 5 minutes. I'll get it in a couple of days. If that one doesn't work, I'll be back!!! Kudo's to Apple Care for getting back to me so quickly once a case is opened.

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    I had this problem, it was unresponsive after a charge overnight.


    A hard reset got it working again.

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    New iPhone 5, when plugged into Belkin USB hub showed only "plug" symbol while I restored from 4S backup. Battery was draining, not charging. Once I did the hard reset (home + sleep/wake) it immediately showed the "lightning bolt" and started charging. Something about restoring the phone from previous model backups prevents the charging.  Good luck everyone!

  • W M R Level 1 (145 points)

    I charged my iPhone 5 over night and when I disconnected it this morning to go to work, I noticed that it didn't charge at all! Very annoying, taking an iPhone to work with only 10% of battery power left! What is this?

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    Thanks for the help! would of had to waste a journey otherwise, so thank you very much

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