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10.8 server.  Network userhomes on the server.  10.7 clients bound to the server Open Directory.


At times the users seem to lose access to their own trash files.  Items from a users own desktop or userhome deposited in the trash are deleted immediately with the standard "this item will be deleted immediately" message from the OS.  This makes sense on shares but not for a userhome.  Sometimes the trash behaves as expected with items simply going into the trash awaiting deletion at a later time when the trash is emptied.  Sometimes items are immediately deleted as above.  I have not been able to figure out why one or the other occurs.


On a client where a user has sudo permission I tested the following :


mkdir ~/.Trash

If you get a message stating that the folder exists, run the following:

sudo chown $UID ~/.Trash

chmod u+rwx ~/.Trash


This verifys the existance of and gets the user ownership of their own trash back in the current session but requires admin access to the client which is not an option in a managed network.


Any ideas?  Thanks.

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