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iphone 5 dialer can not successfully dial numbers after a programmed pause.  The speed at which the dialer attempts to dial the remaining numbers is too slow to complete the sequence before the phone system kicks it out  Does anyone else have a similar problem?  Have never had a phone with this kind of problem, even the cheapest of phones.  Typical "storred" phone dialing sequence is 999 5551212,5555,6666.  Phone should dial the 5551212 number, wait for a tone, dial the "5555", wait for a tone, then dial the "6666".  My phone will dial the 5551212 number, pause, then start dialing the 5555 , but only 1 number about every 10-15 seconds.  The receiving device typicall kickes out long before the secondary strings are dialed

iPhone 5, iOS 6, brand new -
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