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I'm new to the whole iPad gang & got myself a wonderful iPad 2. Before I got involved with the iCloud, I was able to coordinate my iCal on my MacBook Pro and the iPad. Then I got the new operating systems in place: Mountain Lion and the new operating system 6 and then I got duplicate calendars.

So, being the kind of person I am, I did my best to manually delete duplicate events. Then I discovered the calendars button on the iPad and proceeded to uncheck and delete calendars off of the iCloud and keep what is on my MacBook Pro. I went to my MacBook Pro and found my entire calendar wiped out because I wiped out the events on the iCloud.


How do I get my iPad calendar events that came originally from my MacBook to the iCloud so I can get them all back on my MacBook? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

MacBook Pro, iOS 6
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    If the calendar events are gone from icloud, then they are really gone.  The only thing to try is to restore the calendar data files from a backup of the MAC, hopefully you use Time Machine.  If not, then all the data is gone.  If you do, then open the Calendars app on the Mac then click the Time Machine icon on the system toolbar and choose Enter Time Machine.  Then go back in time to a place where the data exists and click the restore button.