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I recently purchased system disks that bundled 10.4 and 9.2. We're trying to get Classic Mode up and running on a 2005 eMac. In an effort to free up drive space for the 2 disc installation we mistakenly deleted some system files. When we try to boot up the computer now we don't get a desktop. It may be possible that the system file deletions have caused this absence of a desktop.  When I attempt to boot up now, I see the apple icon but then the computer freezes at a blue screen.


Obviously, I need to get my desktop back. I also need to clear some things off the hard drive before I can install the bundled disks that should finally enable me to run classic mode within system 10.4. Should I just re-install 10.4 with system disks I already have and then do the hard drive clearing?  After that, I presume I would preceed with 10.4/9.2 install. Correct?


Ed Contaldi

eMac G4, Mac OS X (10.4.11)