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New iMac - I want Snow Leopard instead of Mountain Lion




Just got a replacement iMac (my old one couldn't be repaired).


The old one was a 27" 2010 Model which came and was always used with Snow Leopard. I never had a problem and I'm still happy with all my apps which are working fine. I have a Time Machine backup of this perfectly working solution.


The new one is a 27" 2011 Model which arrived now with Mountain Lion installed (without installation discs!). I intend to use Mountain Lion later BUT NOT NOW. I want to restore my Time Machine backup and continue to work under Snow Leo. I don't want to lose time with upgrade issues at the moment.


I've just turned the new iMac on. My FireWire Time Machine drive is not connected yet.

I read the question: "How do you want to transfer your information?" What shall I do now?

Connect my TM drive first?

Or select "From Another Disk" and "Continue"?

Will I then be prompted to connect my TM drive?


Later (maybe around Christmas) when I will be ready to upgrade, will it be possible to access "my Mountain Lion" (which was included with the iMac)? Will it always be available on that "internal Recovery Partion"? Or from Mac App Store?


Many thanks!