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Today, I was able to use wifi with my time capsule. Now, no light is on. I unplugged the power cord from the TM, plugged it in again, and got an amber light. Then, when listening to it, it sounded as though it shut off. I also tried other outlets on the power strip. Same thing. The amber light would come on and sound as though it shut off/stopped running. Any suggestions?

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    The amber light comes on briefly but I gather goes off again.. you did not clearly state that.. if the amber is still on solid.. or off??


    They are different faults.. solid amber.. no flashing.. the drive is dead.


    No light at all, the power supply is dead.. or maybe the board.


    What generation is the TC?


    If you have warranty or applecare and the TC is less than 3years.. apple might replace it.


    Otherwise it is really dead.. no parts are available and official apple network will not fix it.


    But it is fixable.. if you have some skills.. or live near a repairer.


    https://sites.google.com/site/lapastenague/a-deconstruction-of-routers-and-modem s

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    Yes, the amber light comes on for 30 seconds maybe, then makes a tiny, noise as if something is shutting off. Then there's no light at all. I'm not sure of the generation, but I purchased it in 2009 I think. After reading posts by others and now your response, I sounds like my TC is isn't going to work unless I want to have it repaired or repair it myself. Bummer...it was working fine. Thanks for your response.

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    If you look at the A model in the rubber foot.. A1302 which should be 2009 is Gen2 and is now 3years old.. ie outside warranty or applecare.. not that they ever did!!


    The power supply is internally roasted in its own oven bag.. repair is not that hard but a new one with 2TB is only $300.. so could be worth ebaying the old one.. even dead is it valuable to repairers for parts.. and just get a new one.

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    Thanks, I'll take a look at it. So, I can remove the hard drive/data correct? Then maybe ebay it...

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    Yes,. remove the rubber mat with a heat gun.. hair drier on hotest setting.


    Pull out the drive and plug into a USB holder. Wipe he drive.. put it all back.


    Excellent opening instructions here.