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I today bought a new GPS unit (GNS 5870 MFI) which has apple BT protocol for GPS units.  it works well with my iPod Touch (on iOS5.1.1), but does not work on my iPhone3GS which, unfortunately, I had just last night "upgraded" from iOS5 to iOS6.  I am trying to a find friend/colleague with iPhone3GS still on iOS5 so I can check to see if the problem is purely due to iOS6.


If it is accepted by Apple to be a iOS6 problem, how long might it take to get fixed?



Steve W

iPhone 3GS, iOS 6
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    Hey Steve,


    Sorry to confirm your issue, but here the same. This morning I've confirmed the proper functioning of my GNS 5870 MFI by using a friend's iPad with iOS5 after the upgrade of my own iPad to iOS6 left me without external Bluetooth GPS. This at least confirms the problem, but doesn't really help you towards a solution....


    Like you, I would be extremely interested to learn when Apple fixes this so I can resume flying with the iPad3, Air Navigation Pro 5.2.0 and my GNS 5870 MFI.




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    Ah that's good to hear - at least I'm not imagining things.  Actually today, it seems to have been working reasonably consistently with my iPhone.  It seems to have improved after I did a full switch off and reboot of the iPhone.  So I'm going to see how it works over the next few days.


    One thing I would love to find is an App which clearly shows the quality of the GPS signal being received by the device (including numbers of satellites, etc).  I have not found one.  The "Dual GPS Status Tool" app looks great, but only seems to work with the Dual device.  At the moment, I use "GPS Status", but it is very basic.


    Have you found anything that would help?


    Best wishes


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    I have the GNS 1000 GPS receiver (which is roughly the 5870 with a power switch). I have to reboot iOS to make it work. I have to do it several times a week.

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    Thanks Red. Are you using iOS6?  Has there been a clear difference in the operation of the GNS unit since moving from iOS5?



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    It's simple. My problems started after the update, so I'm convinced it is related to iOS6.

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    I have the Dual XGPS150A and can confirm he same problem on an IPad (3rd gen) after upgrading to iOS6. Becoming very disappointed with Apple and he rush to market.

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    I'm glad I found this thread.  Thanks.  I am not using GNS or other bluetooth devices, but since the iOS6 update my 3GS has lost wireless receiver strength and GPS accuracy.  The built in GPS will no longer allow my WAZE gps app or the Apple Maps app to track my position on the road either. It's really frustrating.  (I read that the GPS, wireless, and bluetooth all utilize the same antenna.)  I concur that the problems started with the update or soon after.  I went to the Apple store and spoke with a genius. Even after a full diagnostic and full restore there was no improvement.  He agreed that the phone was experiencing the issues that I am describing.  He documented it and basically told me there was nothing else to do and that they could replace the phone for $149.  Of course, they don't acknoledge that they are aware of any glitches yet.  Since I now know that I am not the only one experiencing this, I am hopeful that Apple will address the issue.  But everyone should go to the genius bar and have the problems documented so they are aware of the extent of the problem. 

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    I too feel your pain! I have the Dual XGPS150A and an iPod 4th gen, and have had constant problems since upgrading to iOS6.  The Dual software is great and it still connects to the device no problems but other apps will not work at all with the GPS receiver and seem to be trying to use the Wi-Fi location "feature" only.  I went through the pain (not to mention hours!) of resetting the iPod and reinstalling iOS6.  This worked for a day or so and then the same problem recurred.  I read something about resetting the "Privacy and Location" settings and I have had random success with this, as it also does not fix the problem for long and doesn't always work.  I am seriously thinking of buying an old iPod that still has iOS5 installed but I doubt that it would sync with my iTunes data since I have "upgraded" my existing iPod.  I now cannot use the most important and mission critical application of my iPod.  What a shame this is, not to mention my disappointment re the new podcast app (off topic I know).

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    I have the same problem with GNS 5879 after having updated to iOS6. Sometimes when I reboot my iPod it works, sometimes not.

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    I can get GPS signal inside of the application (in my case GPS-MotionX) doing:

    1) closing all running apps

    2) Settings –> General –> Reset –> Reset Location & Privacy

    3) lauch the app, in my case GPS-MotionX.

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    I recently upgraded to iOS 6.1 and it seems to work properly again with my Dual XGPS 150A.  I haven't tested it fully but I am cautiously hopeful that the bug has been fixed.  I will continue to test it with all location aware apps and report back.  Thanks for all the helpful suggestions on this topic.

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    I am telling you.  Something told me NOT to upgrade.  I was hesitant, but I was curious too.  I upgraded, now I lost the use of my DUAL XGPS 150A.  I have invested a lot of money with Apple, between my 27" iMac, 17" Powerbook, 15" Powerbook, iPad 2, iPhone 4 and 3,000 iTunes - let's just say - I am not happy with Apple lately.  Not the Apple of a few years ago.  If anyone figures out this problem - please post it here.  I loved using my iPad as my GPS - now that is not an option!!

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    I have exactly the same probleme with my IPod 4th gen . I sent an E-mail to DualGPS to know if they work on a fix but I still don't receive answer...

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    I just bought a Garmin bluetooth GPS Rx called GAR-GLO and it does not work either,  so i'll do the same as you and go to apple genius to report the case.

    Thank you