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I recently uploaded the new iOS6 operating system. My ipad worked fine until this morning.  Watched video podcast, received early mail, but when I wrote 4 email messages I found them remaining in my inbox, and I was unable to get new mail, or to update facebook, or find webpages on Safari.  Got the message 'server not responding.'  I rebooted my wi-fi modem.  Didn't help.  Called wi-fi tech server.  They couldn't find a problem.  Wi-fi works on my computer and iphone.  Checked settings.  Wi-fi on and connected.  Closed all apps, and re-booted ipad.  Held down home botton and off button on ipad until the applea appeared, and waited.  Problem remains. What else can I try?

iPad 2, iOS 6, I recently downloaded the new iOS6
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    Hi. I am having the same issues with my ipad 2 ever since I updated to ios6. Just wondering if you were ever able to fix this and how? Ive tried absolutely everything but I'm still stuck with the same problem

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    I was unable to fix it on my own.  My son suggested that I take it to the Genius Bar at an Apple Store.  Fortunately I was going to be in the city, and was able to make an appt. with the store closest to me.  A very helpful young 'genius' took my iPad in the back room and fixed it.  I don't know what he did, but he said something about 'firmware'.  I don't even know what firmware is, but he said it was unlikely that the problem would recur.  There was a sense that it had to do with the new  IOS6.  If you are able to visit an Apple Store that is what I recommend.  Make an appointment first online at Apple.com.  The service is free and I was VERY grateful to have my iPad restored!

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    The same thing has happened to me since I downloaded IOS6- nothing works...I have wifi in the house, and mail will stream into the ipad, but I can't send email or work from my ipad any longer, I can't access safari or any of my usual networks...so basically you are saying I need to go to the apple store?  The nearest one is 2.5 hours away.

    Does anyone else have any ideas?