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    This is just the problem I'm having. I've contacted apple twice and they claim to be unaware of the problem. They ask me to ensure os is up to date, format and resync & best of all delete all apps & add one by one to monitor when the intermittent problem recurs. £599 for my new phone. I'd like it to work properly. Do apple respond or monitor these posts or is it just somewhere to air grievances?

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    I do have the same problem as you guys have.


    I got my phone back in late September. It just happend last Saturday.


    What I have noticed or may be a clue is that on Saturday I used my ip 5 as a car navigation attahed to the dash borad where is exposure to the sun light. When I took it off from the car craddle, the phone was very hot and the navigation app is TomTom. After few minutes I wanted to took an photo, the purple lines appears, that was the first time I saw the lines since I bought it. So my first thougt was it was the temperature. Maybe the heat has done something to the phone's hardware. Then leads to the purple line issue. FYI: It is summer now in Australia.


    For the past two days, I haven't see the purple line anymore.


    If my guessing is right, I will be very frustrated. Coz I think the phone is designed to use as a navigation for part of its functions. If I cannot use it as a navigation in my car, why there are so many navi apps in the app store? And I don't have any problem to use ip4 as a navigation in car for summer or winter....



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    Hallo everybody, I bought my iphone 5 in Apple Store Online and after 4 weeks I received the mobile. The same day I used it the lines appeared! I tried to create the same light environment and the lines appeared as I had thought! I bought the 64 Gb and here in Italy the cost is near 1000 euros (too much money for a smartphone) and I think it is not appropriate for a device of high standard having this kind of bugs expecially for me that I'm an amatorial photographer. On next monday I'll call apple customer services and I'll take it back, after refund I'll buy a new one and if this new still have problems I'll take a Samsung Galaxy III.


    PS: I forgot to say that the mobile was a little bit scuffed on the aluminium frame!

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    My iPhone 5 camera appears like this,

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    Mine, this purple lines are occurred when battery charging then if I take off lighting USB it is disappeared so, is it possible the problem are from firmware problem?

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    Hello from Russia I've got the same story guys

    Photo 12.01.13, 15 32 46.jpg

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    Same here.


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    same here from malaysia, it shows up right after i use the phone naked without case...hope apple got a fix for many people are having this apple ever read and reply in this forum?...sigh



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    Hi there. I'm from Greece and i'm facing the same problem. I' ve sent yesterday my device for replacement or repaire. The purple lines appears in special light circumstances.( Room with lights in the night). In the day light i tried to make the purple lines appear but nothing happened. Very strange behavour. 

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    I have also experienced this problem. My phone is from December 16 2012 (in Holland).


    Should i schedule an appointment at the Genius bar in Amsterdam to receive a new phone?

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    All these pictures show a fault, I had an iPhone 5 like this, I replaced it and had no more issues. Take it in and get it swapped out. Nothing else you can do, its hardware not software.

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    Yes, see my post above.

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    Unfortunately we have no Apple Stores in Moscow

    So my problem has no solution for now

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