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  • tngx Level 1 (0 points)

    Trust me, you will. Same for me, fine for few weeks, then it came back. Report here when it happen again.

  • W M R Level 1 (145 points)

    I have an ACPP, but wouldn't want to get it replaced only because it might have an issue again in the future.


    I would post it here as soon as I would see that problem again. 

  • butterrcup Level 1 (0 points)

    hi tngx,


    Wanted to ask if you purchased your phone from the TTDI center? Cause I'm planning to change this phone from another center and would like to know if that's possible.



  • tngx Level 1 (0 points)

    Yes you can as long as it is from MAXIS. I bought from eCurve. Just go upstair with a video or pics of the purple lines, they will replace instantly, no question ask. Good luck bro.

  • W M R Level 1 (145 points)

    I took a lot of photos since my last post and no problem so far since I rebooted the iPhone...

  • W M R Level 1 (145 points)

    @tngx: You were right, it just happened again yesterday! I'll get it replaced too now.

  • tngx Level 1 (0 points)

    @W M R, hope you can get it replaced, all the best man!

  • iTolga Level 1 (0 points)



    I also have the same issue with my iPhone 5.



    Foto 29.05.13 21 14 06.jpg

    Foto 29.05.13 21 15 28.jpg




    After a few times I started a service request and sent my iPhone in for repairs.


    2 or 3 days later it came back with the status:


    1. Step 1 Request

      May 7, 2013: Product received by service center    
      Shipped via UPS with tracking number XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
    2. Step 2 Service

      May 9, 2013: Could not duplicate issue
    3. Step 3 Return

      May 9, 2013: Original product shipped
      Shipped via UPS with tracking number XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX




    After a few days the problem appeared again and I sent it in for repairs again.


    Then finally I got a replacement handset.




    1. Step 1 Request

      May 17, 2013: Product received by service center    
      Shipped via UPS with tracking number XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
    2. Step 2 Service

      May 17, 2013: Service completed
    3. Step 3 Return

      May 17, 2013: Replacement product shipped
      Shipped via UPS with tracking number XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX




    After about 1,5 weeks the same issue appears on this handpset, too.

    That's so confusing, so weird, so annoying! I can't believe it that a first class quality item has an issue like this! Where is Apples quality control? Or let's say Foxconns quality control!!!!!



    I'll drive to an official Apple Store and will replace my handset with a new one on a Genius Bar.



    My working mate had the same issue with his iPhone 5 but very rare & occassionnally.

    I researched the serial numbers of my 2 devices (old one and replaced one) and the handset of my working mate on this website:


    My replaced iPhone 5 was built in PRODUCTION WEEK: 05 - PRODUCTION YEAR: 2013

    My new iPhone 5 was built in PRODUCTION WEEK: 51 - PRODUCTION YEAR: 2012

    The iPhone 5 of working mate: PRODUCTION WEEK: 52 - PODUCTION YEAR: 2012


    Maybe there is a fault with the camera devices which has been delivered to Apple (Foxconn) between NOVEMBER, DECEMBER 2012 and JANUARY 2013?


    I don't know. It's just an idea. Which Production Date do you have on your faulty handsets? Check it here and post it on this Thread. Let's see, which production weeks have faulty camera devices.



    Thanks and best regards,


  • rachel_chong Level 1 (0 points)

    My iphone 5 has the same purple lines problem and i took it to TTDI Maxis centre yesterday, they agreed to change a new replacement unit for me without any much questions asked. But i need to wait for a week plus for the new one to come from Singapore. I thought of getting a refurbished unit on the spot but instead they change a new one for me.

  • butterrcup Level 1 (0 points)

    Hi Rachel,


    Did they ask you to surrender your phone while you wait for the new one?

  • Ben2435 Level 1 (0 points)

    iPhone 5 exchanged today at apple store in Trafford centre. Straight swap, hope this doesn't happen again!!.

  • rachel_chong Level 1 (0 points)

    Hi buttercup,


    Yes,I surrendered my iPhone 5 on the spot and waited for approximately 6 working days to get a new one. It ***** big time cause the new phone is still having the same problem now, I m so disappointed with this, no point waited for the new one.

  • tarikameenali Level 1 (0 points)

    my brothers iphone 5 is doing this now, but he is also having signal problems and lots of dropped calls/calls failed.

    Network is o2 UK

    Production year: 2013

    Production week: 14 (April)


    software 6.1.4


    phone is on contract from o2, is it possible to go to nearest apple store and get it swapped from there of does it have to go back to o2? its only about 1 month old.

  • drfrot Level 1 (15 points)

    Yup, mine's doing it now too. Occurring steadily more frequently. I'm on O2 UK too, with an original Day 1 purchase.

    Production year: 2012

    Production week: 36 (September)


    My top button is starting to misbehave as well, so I plan on taking it back to the Apple Store shortly for a swap. I had a an online chat session with AppleCare and once they'd established that a wipe & restore hadn't resolved the purple lines, they agreed this isn't something that's going to get fixed over the phone!


    This phone I bought outright, but my previous iPhone I obtained through an O2 UK store, and when that one played up, I took it to the Apple Store, even though I hadn't bought it there. I would take your contract with you, just to prove it's yours. But they should just sort it out for you there and then.


  • dewillepl Level 1 (0 points)


    the same here. iPhone 5 64Gb. My back camera also freeze after a while.

    Front camera is working well. When the violet lines began to appear on the screen, i switched to front camera and there were no problems. This looks like a hardware problem to me. I am going to send my phone to local repair center tomorrow.

    As someone mentioned in previous post, it seems to me that the problem occurs when the iphone is hot or pretty warm at least.. but i am not sure. Weird. For e.g. today i am testing camera all day and there is no problem.

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