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anyone using iPhone 5 with straight talk service?


how is it? good data speeds ok coverage?


i heard they cut u off if u go above 2gb data

and can u use facetime over 3g with them? since ATT blocks it..... would i have to restore or is that feature blocked by certain sim cards?


im looking for the best 3g prepaid carrier for my iPhone and t mobile wont cut it with there edge speeds..... unless they have 1900mhz in honolulu that i dont know about?



i would hate to lost my number as its a business phone number...



iPhone 5, iOS 6
  • joshua274 Level 1 (25 points)


  • deggie Level 9 (52,672 points)

    Since there is no unlocked iPhone 5 available in the US yet you are looking for someone who went to Canada to buy their iPhone 5 and brought it back to the states to use it. That is probably going to be a small number so I would not expect a flood of responses.


    You might want to get your answers over on the Straight Talk site.

  • joshua274 Level 1 (25 points)

    i already got my iPhone unlocked so thats not a problem im just curous how there service is even if its with say an iPhone 4/4S


    also is it hard to cut the nano sim?

  • deggie Level 9 (52,672 points)

    You not only have to cut your microSIM you have to sand it as the microSIM is 15% thicker than the nanoSIM. The company that makes SIMs says it won't work. Wait awhile and see if someone successfully posts doing so.


    How did you get your iPhone unlocked? Or did you buy the Verizon iPhone 5?

  • joshua274 Level 1 (25 points)

    no i went to iulockr paid 45$ phone was unlocked in iTunes within 12 hours i have AT&T iPhone in contract no problems put t mobile nano sim in works great but only edge which is why i want straight talks 3G

  • deggie Level 9 (52,672 points)

    Interesting, if AT&T is unlocking them you could have done so for free rather than paying $45. I would call AppleCare and give them your serial number and model number and be sure it was officially unlocked.


    My point about the unlocking was there is not going to be a very big population in the US that unlockd theirs or went to Canada to get an unlocked one, and even less who use Straight Talk and even less that post here so your pool is small to get an answer.

  • joshua274 Level 1 (25 points)

    it is official as its done thru iTunes....


    i only post here since everyone has a iPhone so i would think atleast someone here has used the iPhone on straight talk....


    i know everyone uses t mobile but edge is just way to **** slow for me to even think of trying


    and i doubt that i could use the GSM iPhone with a prepaid CDMA Carrier.... does the GSM iPhone have CDMA hardware like the 4S or is it diffrent?

  • deggie Level 9 (52,672 points)

    Then you got ripped off for $45.


    You might try a search here for Straight Talk, as they aren't a supported carrier you have to manually set up a lot of things on the phone and some persons have had trouble with some features. Straight Talk also has a user forum and you can pick up a wealth of information on their site.

  • joshua274 Level 1 (25 points)

    nor really 45$ was not bad at all.... it beats paying AT&T 350$ to break my contract or waiting 2 years for them to unlock it

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    There are a couple of posters on MacRumors Forums that claim to have their unlocked iPhone 5's working on Straight Talk. They cut their micro sim card down to nano size and did some hand filing to get it to fit.

  • joshua274 Level 1 (25 points)

    well i got it working paid for a whole year 500$ no problems had to cut my own sim card but it does work fine.....


    data is 3g speeds no lte which ***** but i can live wih that


    so if anyone has straight talk it works great no problems what so ever

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    So did you have any problems with your picture msging to work? I have had on my iPhone 4!

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    You did not have to unlock your iphone 5, so the 45 dollars was a waste. I am not sure about the nano sim. However, the bring your own device option from straight talk ships a micro sim card. All the devices that use this chip use the AT&T network, which is why you did not need to unlock it. My device was not locked and all you have to do is pop the sim chip in and cell phone service works automatically. Following, you go to a website via wifi and have the APN settings saved to your iphone and thus data works. With my iphone 4s I get speeds between 5-7mps consistantly in the Louisville, Kentucky area, and even when I have been to more rural areas I have not dropped belows speeds of 1-3mps that often, in fact very rarely have I ever. This is with the 4s however, which supports hspa+ speeds and thus is faster than the iphone 4. With an iphone 4 i was getting between 1-3mps so it may be worth the upgrade. The cell phone service is amazing. For 45 dollars you can't really beat it, the 5-7mps is still pretty good and you may get faster speeds in larger cities or different areas in general. I would definitely recommend it. As far as the iphone 5 I would not imagine that it would get much faster speeds than the 4s since straight talk does not utilize any LTE at this time. Again this is a great deal for 45 bucks a month and unlimited data, talk, and text you really can't beat it. However, I have heard that straight talk has been known to boot customers who exceed 2gb of data. If this concerns you, however, you can use net10, which is exactly the same service, under tracfone, however their terms of service specify unlimited data where as straight talk's terms of service is more vague. In addition you can buy a net10 sim at any dollar general for 15bucks and it includes the micro sim, regular sim card, and tmobile sim card. Again these are almost literally the same services, the difference is that straight talk is a walmart exclusive and is 5 dollars cheaper per month if you buy the monthly plan cards, but if you think you'll go over 2gb or are worried like the vague terms of service then you can go to net10. Also net10 has an auto enroll program which deducts the amounts from your bank account or card if you choose and then they knock of 5 dollars a month. I have tried both and they are exactly the same, and I have gone over this supposed 2gb limit straight talk sets and have had no issues so it's all your preferance.

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    I have had straight talk for about a month now on my iPhone 5. The speeds are not as fast as LTE on AT&T's service, but the price is a lot cheaper than what I paid for AT&T's service. Your visual voicemail is also lost so I would recommend YouMail to gain that type of feature back, although it is in app form and not on your nifty little voicemail tab as before. I have heard of jailbreaking allowing you to change that into something else.

    You will have to cut the sim down to nano size and it will work.

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