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I connected my iPhone 5 to my computer and checked off "sync this phone over wifi".

I came home and connected my phone to the outlet so it had power and wifi sync didn't work.

I have windows xp and itunes is always open.


The computer is hard wired using an ethernet cable for faster speeds to my router so it is technically on the same network but the computer is not wireless.  Is this the problem?


If so I have a laptop that is wireless.  Should I install itunes and sync the phone to the laptop and turn on wifi there?  Can I have the same data synced to two different computers?

iPhone 5, Windows XP
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    I have noticed a WiFi sync quirk associated with IOS-6.  The computer's iTunes will recognize my iPod only if it is NOT connected to a charger.  My iPad is original and is still on IOS-5.  It functions properly.


    Try disconnecting from a charger and see if it makes any difference.  Exit iTunes and re-open it.