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Just got an iPhone 5 and tried to download an app. I remember my security answers, but not really 100% sure of the wording, for instance, did I state model of car only, manufacturer, both and if so what order. Since it asked me two questions there were more possiblilties than allowed attempts.


I have searched this forum extensively and came up with fixes, but others stated the fix did not help, just got automated responses.


I then searched on the web and came up with an article that states due to a hack Apple is not unlocking accounts and that they are not resetting security questions. It is also stating that without reinstating the account there is no way to get app updates, ios updates, etc... I am hoping that this is a bogus article, but it does look legit, is this true?


Oh my...


I am currently at the point where I got a message the account is locked and I will not be able to try again for 8 hours. I am hoping things are not still locked tomorrow.



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    Well what you read was true, for about a month. It's still true for some people but you may get lucky with the AST.


    Check the AppleCare number for your country here:




    Call them up, and let them know you would like to be transferred to the Account Security Team.

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    Thanks Hackintosh.


    I tried my local number and had to hit 0 for operator as they only wanted device name and serial number on the automated service. I explained my situation to the operator and she informed me the only way to get the security questions cleared up is through the website.


    Good news is that this morning the option to answer the security questions returned! It took a good amount of tries, but I got in!!!!!!


    Now just about 10 minutes after I got in with my security answers I got a response from my expresslane inquiry. It stated to choose the default item "forgot my password"  option on the express page. I did not choose that originally since I did not forget my password and thought that account management was more appropriate. From there she said I will have the option to actually call and speak to someone, or to have someone contact me!!!


    I will have to give her advice a try later when my son gets home from school as he forgot his security questions too! I will report back if it is indeed as easy as I was just informed by the apple email so that others don't have to go through what a lot of people here seem to be going through.


    Oh.... I just got an email from apple stating that my itunes account was just used on a new device and if it was not done by me to change my password immediately. I guess if my account was stolen there is a good change the person would have already changed it locking me out, but I think this warning is a good thing. If indeed that article I mentioned above is outdated and one can change security questions easily enough I think it does protect the customer, and at the expense of Apple as I am sure they deal with calls about this all the time.


    Now to write down my security answers somewhere safe.

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    About the stupid canned response about password instead of security question. They send the same one regardless that it's not a password issue, so the advisor was not in error. Just another stupid Apple policy that makes no sense to anyone.