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Larry Cohen Level 1 (110 points)


I can make a timeline in FCPro 7 - and I name the chapter markers with a number that corresponds  with, in this case, a horse hip number at a horse sale!


So I'll have a 30 minute movie edited in FCPro 7 with 10 chapter markers - all named with a number.


When I export to a SC movie - all chapter markers show up perfectly.  I then run the SC movie thru Compressor - and compress for iPad.  NOW, my problem begins.

When I drop the compression in iTunes and sync with my iPad (Model MB293LL)  - it syncs perfectly with the iPad - and I see the Chapter Markers - but the "names" of them are lost!  They're just renamed 1, 2, 3, etc and I've completely lost the number I've used to rename them???


So I "see" all the chapter markers - but their 'name' has been lost?


Interestingly, if I bring in the same movie to my iPhone - the Chapter markers show up perfectly!  And hold my "name" perfectly.  Is this an iPad bug?


But I could've sworn that a year or so ago, this did all work.  Anyone else have this issue - that the chater marer names are lost in iPad?




Powerbook 17