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  • Trumania Level 4 (1,160 points)

    For those of you who may have agreed to the Terms of Service, there is a way to turn off your public profile.


    Game Center > Me (Lower left) > Account > View Account > Public Profile > Turn Off.


    When the public profile is turned off, only your friends can see your profile. Delete any friends you may have accidentally added (in the friends tab swipe across their name and unfriend) and you will be the only one who can see your profile.


    Not exactly allowing you to turn off Game Center, but it gives you an option to prevent anyone from viewing your information.

  • lildebweb Level 1 (0 points)

    Tried that too. But, next time I go to a GC enabled game, it asks me to log in. Really, we should not have to jump through hoops to opt out of a data sharing app.


    **Oops - meant for this to be a reply to the answer about declining the Terms of Use.    

  • Jaceeyun Level 1 (0 points)

    This is so irritating! I've tried everything. disabling it when it pops up, enabling restrictions.... If Apple does not stop shoving the stupid game center in user's faces in the next update, I'm switching to android and if anyone ever asks me which is better, I won't ever recommend iphone, just because of the annoying game center. How many people actually use it anyway? Such a redundant app.

  • groovyd Level 1 (0 points)

    so far this is working for me!  i bet i see it find itself back in tomorrow though even though i changed my password since the whole apple ecosystem shares this information anyway.  seems ridiculous they ask you to log in with your apple id in every app when they all share the login anyway.


    finally i can play more then 2 games of bejeweled on my touch without it freezing and locking up the game.  there is a major memory leak somewhere inbetween bejeweled and the game center.

  • royhova Level 1 (0 points)

    I have the same issue/concern and did confirm that iOS 6 automatically shares your login from purchasing an app to log you into gamecenter.


    If you look around game center before logging out, it registers all of your games - so i think apple takes the info from the app store to populate game center and in turn logs you in automagically.


    I wonder if they can use all of our passwords transparently like that...?

  • GinoMolino Level 1 (0 points)

    I continue to get logged in automatically to Game Center. It's happened at least 4 times, maybe 5. When I open my game all of a sudden it starts welcoming me back to Game Center even after I specifically logged out, killed the Game Center app, and denied logging in 3 times in order to be granted the "privilege" to disable it. So I go and do it all over again and a few days later, happens again. It's like the thing is possessed. Was all this stuff done on purpose to force us to use it after we give up trying to **** it down? Is that why they had the big shape up at Apple days ago??


    I've had an iPhone for more than 3 years. I've always loved it and told everyone to get one but this is the first time I've been quite disappointed. Game Center is the prime example but maps, YouTube are two big sore points for me also; apple putting its priorities before that of its customers.


    Can we expect this Game Center issue to eventually fixed. Does apple care? Has there been any official response from Apple? I know some people love what apple is doing with Game Center. But if I personally hate the thing, will my only option be to shop for a phone other than iPhone where such features are optional?


    I'm bitterly disappointed. Is the only reason apple not addressing us on our issues with Game Center because they are swamped with what seems to be the most buggy and screwy iOS update ever. It does seem like there are a load of major issues for almost everyone? Where could we get official word as to whether our Game Center complains are being seen as valid and serious or if they are just waiting for us to give up and shut up?? I would so much like to know.

  • RaccoonLand Level 1 (0 points)

    Apple has decided that user experience no longer matters. They have an insestous relationship with Facebook as well. After "upgrading" to ios6, I spent nearly 45 minutes removing irritating "features" from my phone. The only way to fix the Game Center spam is to get the state involved and, sadly, to switch to Android. I am returning my ipad 4 tomorrow and my company has already canceled a huge purchase order for ipads and imacs due to other "customer service" issues. I encourage any person interested in a smartphone or tablet to stay away from Apple. This kind of arrogant behavior will hopefully be their demise. I have spent well over 20K in the last 5 years on Apple products, the service, quality and privacy issues have completely ruined the once stellar Apple experience. How about music apps like Tenori On that professional musicians use in preformances? Well, they get to have the wonderfiul "feature" of Game Center windows constantly popping up! Apple has screwed us, pure and simple. Looking forward to Android.


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  • Wilber123 Level 1 (0 points)

    I agree with much of this string and can not understand why this intrusive app is forced down our throats.  Last night Game Center came back with a vengance on my iPhone, an my usual relaxing time busting pigs was iterupted by Game Center.  I went to bed annoyed and this morning was still irritated enough to make this replay the first order of the day.  Similer to my avoidance of places with windows, this kind of attitude makes me seriously rethink my tast for apples.


    Apple, please let us disable Game Center!

  • Ihategc Level 1 (0 points)

    I Tried changing the email in the apple id section to and it changed the login email on my apple id but it stopped pestering me! Please note that if you do that, you only have to login with that email. It will not affect other stuff (like ifrogot). But really, it is not very effective as I only tesyed it with ifrogot. Try for better chances of things happening.

  • GinoMolino Level 1 (0 points)

    I'm not sure where everyone is at on this, but I spoke to Apple yesterday and I have a case open.  They escalated my call three levels up and even then, it did not seem to be a problem that they knew about.  The guy I'm dealing with has pushed it up further and called me back to day saying it is an issue they are aware of.  What they are doing about it is still unclear.


    The behavior I've been experiencing is that I log out of game center and eventually, when I enter a game, I'm logged back in, even though I did not login.


    Between my call and their call back, I figured out how I am being logged back in.  It would appear that whenever I make a purchase where I enter my password, if I check right before to make sure I'm logged out, then for sure I'm logged back in after.  So any app purchasing logs me into game center.


    Secondly, if I go to to "Settings" and "ITunes & App Stores" and click on my Apple ID and select "View Apple ID", I'm asked to enter my password and this also logs me into game center.  I can't think of other instances where I use my Apple ID off the top of my head, but I would presume anytime I authenticate to anything on my phone using my Apple ID, it's used as an opportunity to throw me back, fully logged in to Game Center.


    Sneaky I'd say.  A programming error?  Seems unlikely.  I presume that upgrading the iOS probably has the same result.  I have not checked since the last iOS upgrade whether any of the things I had turned off in GC might have been turned back on, but  don't think so and hope not.


    That's where I'm at with this.  I encourage you to call their support.  Actually I went onto the chat online.  The first guy was useless (literally), but eventually realized it himself and got his supervisor.  That wasn't much better, but at least he decided that someone would call me from level 3.  This 3rd person was more sympathetic, but did not seem to have any idea that there was such an issue.  But he managed to get someone higher up to take the call.  There I got no acknowledgement that a problem was known, but I got lots of sympathy and a promise of follow-up.  And so far, so good, the guy called me back in less than 24 hrs and I'm expecting more answers soon I hope.

  • Mr. Fazookus Level 1 (40 points)

    Another few months go by, still no answer,  and I can't even decline the terms of use, so now i've created an account which I sincerely tried to avoid. 


    I'm going to toss my Apple products and see if I can find a company with some slight interest in listening to their customers.

  • royhova Level 1 (0 points)

    I figured out how to stop it from logging me in automatically however it is a work around and not a solution. I logged out of Game Center and immediately logged back in, but rather than my apple ID I used blah [at] blah dot com and blahblahblah as the credentials. It didnt work of course, but it stopped associating my apple ID with the Game Center app.


    I have since made sure to tuck it away with the rest of the apps that I never use make sure I never open it in error again.


    Hope that works for the rest of the frustrated!!

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