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I've been using maps since iOS6 came out last week, and it's been amazing. I'm in the Miami FL area, and just a few days ago I have been able to navigate far out of my comfort zone (south to Homestead and north to the Delray Guitar Hospital), and the maps app has been absolutely brilliant. Aside from informing me about basic things (like "don't get off the highway, the accident is just one stop ahead"), I've navigated with ease through what are unchartered areas (for me). Maps has been more than fine, and it's beautiful, especially compared with the old maps.


Also, I haven't downloaded the new YouTube app, and I don't think I'm missing out on anything. On the rare occassion when there's a Youtube video that's embedded in a website, or when someone literally asks that I look up a particular youtube vid, I can just go to YouTube on Safari (in private browsing mode, etc.); the app itself really bears no relevance anymore, though it was convenient when I got my first iPhone (particularly because of the lack of third-party apps back then). After that, it's just been a crutch.


Regarding Google, I'm gone. No more maps, no more YouTube, and (toughest of all) Bing! Once Google began basing ads on gmail content, it was absolutely time to go. From my business' Motorola Atrixes to my own personal homepage, Google is now totally out. Truth be told, I'll trust Microsoft with my data 100 times over Google. I don't feel like Microsoft's sole purpose for being is to sell my information to companies (they have other sources of revenue), while that's Google's entire gig. I will now avoid Google like the plague.


I thank Apple for making the killer (and beautiful)  maps app, for getting YouTube out of the way, and for giving us a choice to Bing it.

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