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If i get new ipad with wi fi only, when overseas can i still purchase a short term data plan and use it with my ipad?

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    No, you can't buy a plan on your ipad if it doesn't have the 3g capability, and you can only buy a plan through either verizon or at&t, not a third party data provider. However, if your device only has wifi capability, you could buy a phone with a personal hotspot so you can connect your device to a wifi network as long as you are in the service area and have the personal hotspot service.

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    ok, thanks for that....


    if / when i travel overseas, if i don't want to rely on wifi,should I buy a 3G + wi-fi ipad?  I just want to use an overseas short term provider coz it's too expensive to use data roaming etc. I have an iphone 4 that has 3G, and I have noticed a personal hotspot button but was not sure what it was.

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    I would contact your carrier and find out if they have any overseas data plans for the personal hotspot or if the carrier for the ipad 3g has an oversea plan. More than that I can't really say, I don't work for any of the phone companies.