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Since I have Lion installed on my Laptop I had a problem with the disconnect of an vpn-Tunnel. After Updating to Mountain Lion it remains.


On my MacBook are about 30 VPN Connections in the Preferences basic on the Builtin VPN-Tool of Apple. Both PPTP & L2TP.


The Connections works OK, I used at 10 times a day one of these Connections. Randomly at a discounted it goes wrong. The Connection will be disconnetc but the Menu still displays the text (Connection  ABCD disconnected) but it stays grey instead of black. I am not able to reconnect again.

I am able to connect to another VPN but as soon as I disconnect it, it is also grey.


The only way to get it work properly is a restart of the mac.


But after X connections it stucks again.


Is it possible to reinstall the VPN Kernel. Or is their another workaround? I don't want to reinstall all this 30 VPN connections manualy


The Install of 10.8 was a virgin one. I first installed a clean 10.8 with combo update and then migrates the user & programs from my backup


Here is the Console Log when I disconnect for the 2 connections that give a problem this morning


Any Hints?





28.09.12 10:01:24.893 configd[17]: SCNC: stop, triggered by SystemUIServer, type L2TP, reason User Requested

28.09.12 10:01:24.893 pppd[2415]: [DISCONNECT]

28.09.12 10:01:24.907 pppd[2415]: Connection terminated.

28.09.12 10:01:24.917 configd[17]: network changed: v4(en1:, ppp0) DNS* Proxy SMB

28.09.12 10:01:24.936 configd[17]: network changed: v4(en1:, ppp0-: DNS* Proxy SMB



28.09.12 10:04:41.827 sandboxd[2615]: ([2614]) mdworker(2614) deny mach-lookup com.apple.ls.boxd

28.09.12 10:04:45.694 configd[17]: SCNC: stop, triggered by SystemUIServer, type PPTP, reason User Requested

28.09.12 10:04:45.695 pppd[2597]: [DISCONNECT]

28.09.12 10:04:45.720 pppd[2597]: Connection terminated.

28.09.12 10:04:45.757 configd[17]: network changed: v4(ppp1:, en1) DNS* Proxy SMB

28.09.12 10:04:45.814 configd[17]: network changed: v4(en1:, ppp1-: DNS! Proxy! SMB

MacBook Pro 17, Mac OS X (10.7.2), 8 Gb RAM, 750Gb HD