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Yesterday I updated to Aperture 3.4 and I've had some problems as a result.


I dragged and dropped some images from an HD drive into a folder, the images briefly appeared in the folder then vanished (and ended up in the trash). Worryingly, the images also disappeared from the external HD drive and when I dragged the photos out of Aperture trash they won't let me export the images to back them up as they say the original is no longer available.


Anyone else had this problem?


Screen Shot 2012-09-28 at 14.01.56.png

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    This looks like you imported the images as referenced? How is the "Store Files" option set in the "Aperture Library" Brick of the "Import Settings" panel? To "In the Aperture Library", "current location", or something different? If you selected a custom folder, did you select to "move files" or "copy files"?


    • If "move files" is checked, this would explain, why the image files vanished from your external HD, they have been moved to the folder selected. Then check the folder you see there.
    • If you selected "current location", you need to connect your external volume, when you work with the images.
    • Can you find the images this way?


    It is very puzzling however, that your images where imported directly into the Trash. Selecting the Trash as import destination is disabled by Aperture.


    After recovering your image files you should do the Basic Trouble Shooting and repair your library, and trash your user preferences, if necessary, see Aperture 3: Troubleshooting Basics




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    Many thanks for the reply Leonie,


    I really am puzzled by this one. The strange ting was I first dragged and dropped directly into a new project, they appeared then vanished (ended up in trash). Then when I used the import function instead of drag and drop the same thing happened. I had "copy files" selected so not sure why they were moved, I have no idea where the originals now either.


    I will go through the troube shooting and see what happens.





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    Just in case this is a hardware problem with a failing disk, make sure you have a working backup of your system.


    From the trouble shooting options the library repair and removal of preferences seem to be the most promising - your Library may be corrupted, or Aperture may be unable to store your import settings.


    If this does not help, however, reinstall Aperture as described in this support document:

    Aperture 3.4: May quit unexpectedly on launch after updating

    http://support.apple.com/kb/TS4412?viewlocale=en_USIn some cases the upgrade to Aperture 3.4 is installed incompletely.




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    I have just updated to 3.4 and Aperture crashed and I went for the reopen option and received this message


    Went for repair option but crashes at 99% complete.  I have just gone back into time machine and reloaded earlier verson to no avail.  This is the 2nd time i seem to have a major problem with Aperture, first being I had devices showing up twice!  Foe example if i disconnected my Iphone and then connected again it was showing two iphones.  Apple suggested after a lot of effort on their behalf and mine to send it to an Apple Reparer the long and the short of it I ended up having a complete re install and new hardrive.  Now this has happened and im getting a sinking feeling that this doesn't bode well!!


    Any thoughts....



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    Thanks again Leonie and thanks for adding in Henry,


    Well, I tried all the repair options to no avail, then I re-installed Aperture 3 and again no luck, all the photos come up as they were. The photos have disappeared from my back up and are now gone (I should have had two back ups right), but it's weird as I can still see a preview of the photos, but I'm told they aren't referenced to anything so I can't edit/export them.


    Screen Shot 2012-09-28 at 16.53.40.png


    It tells me there are no referenced files. I checked in Aperture, I checked on the back up HD, nothing at all. I needed these photos for a meeting next week and I'm afraid I might have to resort to screen grabs to have something, no zooming in with my iad to show details if I do that :-(


    Henry, I'm really sorry to hear about your issues as well. It sounds really really frustrating, I hope you manged to rescue some of the images.


    Best wishes and thans for your advice everyone, it's greatly appreciated.



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    And id the repair options create a "Recovered files" project? This is usually at the end end of the list with

    If they are not really referenced, they may be inside your Aperture Library package:


    Ctrl-click the Aperture library, select: Show Package Contents.


    There are two folders, that you should look into: "Previews" and "Masters".

    • The Previews folder contains the Preview images that you are still seeing in the Viewer.
    • The "Masters" folder contains the originals.


    Both folders store the images by Import session. So look for the previews and masters in the folders corresponding to yesterday date. What do you see? Are the Previews at least suffient for your meeting next week?


    To recover the deleted files from your external volume, try the free recovery software

    Disk Drill: http://www.cleverfiles.com/

    This may still be able to retrieve the files, but not the file names.

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    Leonie, you are a star :-)


    Thanks for all the information. I tried looking at previews and masters but that didnt work, now I'm trying disk drill now, waiting with fingers crossed...


    Thank you for all the good advice, even if it doesn't work it it's nice when people offer to help.

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    Leonie, drill disk worked a treat and the missing images are now back. You made my day with all your help.


    Thank you thank you thank you



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    My pleasue, Will,

    glad to help.

    I hope, your meeting is saved now.



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    Hopefully it will be Leonie, now I can relax :-)