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Nadine Takvorian Level 1 Level 1

Hi I have an NEC MultiSunc 2690WUXi2 monitor using Spectraview ii to calibrate it, each of which was working

fantastic until I updated my Mac yesterday from 10.7.4 to 10.7.5

I am using a 2.66 GHz Quad-Core Intel Mac with an Nvidia GeForce GT 120 graphics card.


I now get Spectraview detecting the monitor but unable to communicate with it.

It's really urgent that I fix this problem since my work is color sensitive.


I was using Spectraview version just fine before the upgrade.

Afterwards, I tried downgrading Spectraview a couple levels to 1.1.10, and

then down to and none of those can communicate, although they all

detect the monitor. 


I also checked my DVI cable with which I'm attached to the computer and got a

new DVI-D dual link cable since the older one was DVI-D single link.  The dual

link DVI-D did not solve the problem.


Does anyone know of a way to fix this?  It's a huge problem!




  • jsavage21 Level 1 Level 1

    I'm having the exact same issue. Running Mac Pro 2.8 Quad Core Intel Xeon. Here's a link that has an interesting comment from Will Hollingsworth who is Senior Manager of Product Development at NEC. Sounds like bad news with no current fix.




    As a photographer I too use my 2690 Monitor for my main work machine and not being able to calibrate it causes big trouble down the road.


    Hopefully either Apple or NEC will release a fix soon. I also tried downloading older versions of the SpectraView Software that calibrates the NEC monitor and no luck. Unfortunately I don't have Time Machine running and could not revert back to my previous 10.7.4 OS.

  • Nadine Takvorian Level 1 Level 1

    Hi J, thanks for posting the link!  I actually did come across that same site and thread, but only after I made the update.  This is a huge problem for anyone in photography/art.


    Talking with NEC support, they told me they are working with Apple on the issue but there is no timeframe on the fix.  They said the only thing to do is revert back to previous 10.7.4 using Time Machine.  I'm going to try to do this on my Mac Pro this weekend.  I've never done that before so crossing my fingers!


    I wish I could help you with a fix.  In the meantime, the input on your monitor will remember the last previous progam from your saved color profile.  This helped me out a ton in finishing up some work today.  Cycle through the inputs until you get to the program one, and it will adjust.  It's not ideal but it's something.


    I also did come across this thread that was a bit similar.  After having trouble with Mountain Lion, someone tried using a Gefen DVI Detective Plus to connect this same monitor to their graphics card on a Mac Pro.  It solved a hardware problem for them, but they don't mention using Spectraview with the device and setup.  It might be something to look into though?




    I really hope Apple and NEC can figure this out soon!

  • macgupta Level 1 Level 1

    I held off on upgrading to 10.8 for Spectraview; but didn't imagine that a 0.0.1 upgrade would kill Spectraview; little did I know.


    This is very important for photographers.  Maybe Apple can make 10.7.4 downloadable for photographers so that it can be installed on another bootable partition, just to be able to calibrate the monitor.  I am very leary of using Time Machine to revert the OS to an older state, to me that is like changing the engine of a running car.

  • a brody Level 9 Level 9
    Classic Mac OS

    10.7.4 is downloadable, and you can request Apple make a copy of 10.7 downloadable from the store if you did not maintain a clone backup of your older system.  10.7.4 can be downloaded from:


    You may need to contact Apple Mac App Store billing to get 10.7 on the store for you:

    http://www.apple.com/support/mac/app-store/contact.html?form=account&topic=MacAp pStoreAccountandBilling

    In the future before you upgrade, always maintain a clone backup.  See my upgrading tip for Lion:


  • PaulM_FTS Level 1 Level 1

    I'm the one who had the issue resolved with the DVI Detective in the thread linked to by Nadine above. I do indeed normally use Spectraview II with the 2490wuxi, and had run into the 10.8 compatibility issue as well. Unfortunately the DVI Detective doesn't resolve the communication issue with the monitor (only the login issues with my GTX-285), so calibrating under 10.8 is still a no-go. I'd not be surprised if the two issues are related, however, as Apple really horked the Nvidia drivers in 10.8.


    I've kept a 10.7.4 partition around for just this purpose, but it seems to my eye that the monitor still looks different on 10.8 than 10.7, even after calibration.


    I've heard a rumor that the following software may work to calibrate the NEC's hardware LUT, but haven't tried it yet:



  • Nadine Takvorian Level 1 Level 1

    Hi Paul, thanks for chiming in about your experience with DVI Detective and Spectraview.  I can't believe this problem is still ongoing. 


    For Macgupta and anyone else who has been hesistant about downgrading -- I was able to downgrade to 10.7.4 successfully using Time Machine, and Spectraview software can now communicate with the monitor again.  This post is quick and easy in explaining how to do it, and it worked just fine for me. 



    I am now incredibly leery of 0.0.1 updates by Apple because of this problem, and can't believe that it still has not been fixed.  Apple and NEC have to figure this out SOON.

  • macgupta Level 1 Level 1

    Thanks all!


    The App Store had my original order for OS X 10.7 (Lion), but downloading it only gave me 10.7.5.  The request to the Apple Store did not get me anything useful.


    I have a Mac Pro with a spare drive slot, I put a drive in there, but there appears to be no way to tell Time Machine to restore to that drive.   (In this sense, Time Machine **IS NOT** a true backup.  A true backup can be restored to anywhere.  But I think Time Machine had killed the providers of true backups, like Dantz Retrospect.)


    I remain leery of risking my working machine by trying to downgrade the existing 10.7.5 installation; I simply do not trust Apple software quality, that the attempt will not make my problems worse. As with the 10.7.5 update which broke Spectraview. 


    The simplest and safest solution, which is to restore the system to a currently empty drive is not available. That itself is reason not to trust Apple software design.


    I will live with an uncalibrated monitor till NEC and Apple fix the OS problem.