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Podcasts has a fatal flaw for me.  It starts playing after every call.  I'm not talking about when I was listening to a podcast, the call interrupts it, then the podcast resumes later.  I'm talking about the phone is in my pocket, I'm not listening to anything, I get a call and either answer it or ignore it, and then the podcast app starts playing over the loudspeaker once the call ends/is rejected.  It doesn't even matter than I have the volume set to 0% and the ring/silent switch set to silent, this still happens.


This is a bug that could get me fired if the wrong person walks by when this happens at work, if they think I'm listening to entertainment instead of helping customers that's it for me.


Yes, I can go to the app tray and make sure the app is closed whenever I'm not using it - the solution I'm using for now - but this is a completely unacceptable bug.