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When I clic in the functions button the menu appear behind the keyboard so I am not able to see all the options, there's no way to either hide the keyboard or make the menu appear above it.  I have reinstalled Numbers.  I'm using iPad 3 IOS 6.  Someone know how to fix it?  Appreciate it.

iPad (3rd gen) Wi-Fi, iOS 6
  • Dick Gr Level 1 Level 1 (45 points)

    I don't have Numbers, but usually the iPad keyboard has akey in lower right that makes the whole keyboard disappear.

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    Me too, i cannot use my numbers app because i cant see the first line on the keyboard input  that i can choose type of numbers such as text, number, date,or function. Someone please tell me how to fix it because i have to do my work. It happened after i installed ios 6 ths is just my fault to believe in the new product from apple. Why i break my work with the new update.

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    The problem was fixed by itself, I didn't do anything, anyway I attached an screenshot so you can see what was

    going on.image.jpg

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    Hi Edupacar,


    For future reference, this happens when the keyboard is moved up from the bottom of the screen.


    Almost hidden on the Enter key is a little move handle.  With that you can move the keyboard up and down to see what is behind it.  If the keyboard is not docked at the bottom of the screen, the function list can be obscured.


    Use the handle to move the keyboard back down to the bottom and the function list will be above it.


    Numbers Keyboard move handle2 2012-10-11.jpg