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Apple may want to make podcast more popout. they made a NEW app "podcasts"

but I start to hate apple to do this just like the iOS 6 maps.


the new Podcasts app is desinged to be work alone (without iTunes)

it can download subscribe find,  ok that's cool but it just won't work with iTunes. maybe apple have data shows more people are iDevice centered.


But I'm an iTunes centered user. I use iTunes to search subscribe download and DELETE Podcast that I've watched. and I LOVE THIS WAY! I DON"T WANT MY PHONE TO Manage or store podcasts!


back to iOS 5. every moming, I sync my iPhone with my iTunes, 1 new unplayed podcasts from every show was synced to my iPhone. and I play them on the way to my company.

at night I watch some other shows on my mac. them sync with iPhone. all played podcasts will not remain on iPhone, and marked as played in iTunes and ready to be deleted. iTunes only keep 4 episodes.   all things is automatic. but iOS 6 Changes everything.  It won't works with iTunes, and music can't play podcasts anymore. I have to Manually subscribe on iPhone again! and Manualy delete on iPhone and Manualy delete on iTunes.


THIS IS TOTOALLY Unacceptable... for me. My phone or iPad have very limited spaces, and 3G data plan.

Use iTunes means, no 3G needed, download only once!

Use Podcast app and sync over iCould means 3G data and download as the same number as yours devices. for me I have to download a  same show for 3 times.


I Hope there is some way that can make the old music app back.

MacBook Pro, OS X Mountain Lion
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