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    Apple is pretty quiet about everything .. I am from Romania and we do not have Apple store here.. but if we would, they would have surely heard about me .. Thing is this issue, as I experience it .. is hardly noticeable by the average user .. but for sure not a normal behaviour .. but i am not average user .. I pay a lot for best quality .. and this is certainly not what I paid for

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    We all paid same .. and definitely this is not normal behaviour.. When they decided to make phone case out of metal, they should also think at metal properties to conduct electricity. However, as I see from your pics .. your phone's behaviour is way worse than what others here experienced. My phone only blinks in that green way when I touch it on a big surface while holding it in the other hand. Yours, i see it on a blanket, and screen is way worse than what I see on mine .. So yours needed to be sent back, and you will probably receive a new one, at which you will notice the behaviour we are experiencing because I am sure all phones have this issue but its pretty hard to notice by an average user .. I noticed it by mistake because I wanted to clean the screen with my wrist. Its not usual but not normal either..


    Hopefully .. Apple will do something

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    I was thinking sending mine New York for replacement since I bought it there and I live in Greece where the warranty is not valid here. I went to 3 stores and saw the demo they had and imagine what... All the devices had the green glow but only me was able to show it with my arm trying to electrifie the screen , so I m not sending mine for replacement cause I m sure the new one will have the same problem.

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    The rubber case doesn't work, the green glow is still visible.

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    So it isnt static then?


    I got my phone about 10 days ago, instantly noticed this. I presumed it was just the screen 'warming' or something, but after a random google, I'm a little bit more worried. I wouldn't say I've noticed it getting any worse and the only way I get it to do it again is to leave it off for a bit. Same as everyone else it just fades away.


    Is there anyone here that gets it that got the phone on launch? To see how much grows etc. If it stays the same, as in the corners, and fades in two seconds, im ok with it, but like everyone else, I'm worried about the long term. Also, I take it apple wouldn't replace mine as I got it through a network carrier?

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    Got my black iphone 5 a month ago and noticed the green glow a few days later. I'm from the north of Italy and there is no Apple store, so I called Apple and they substituted my phone. Immediately I noticed that also the "new" phone had the same issue, So I called them again and got a third replacement phone. But also this one now has the issue with the green glow, and it seems to get worse.

    I'm getting a bit annoyed and am really at a loss: how can it be that Apple does not know anything about the problem, in the internet you find just a few sources who mention it, and all 3 phones I got are affected? Would be thankful for suggestions. Should I call Apple again, or do i simply mistreat my iphone?

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    Had my iPhone 5 black for over 3 weeks now and this has been annoying me for a while.


    Went to the apple store today (Regent St., London, UK) and when I went to the genius it obviously didn't happen. Could not replicate the issue and therefore he didn't see anything green but he told me he's heard of it before and he would swap my phone anyway.


    Phone swapped. Quick test, all good. Restore from iCloud, walk back to the office and the first thing I try is to touch the lock screen and there it is. All green again... wonder if all phones will be there same?


    Not very happy with it.



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    Could it be that restoring it with iCloud might have something to do with it? Because I had exactly the same experience as you, I got my iPhone swapped out and it worked fine in the store but that evening, after restoring it from iCloud, the green glow appeared...


    For anyone else going to get their iPhone swapped out, maybe try restoring it through iTunes instead of iCloud just in case? Also, let us know if this fixes/prevents the issue.


    Personally, I haven't tried restoring my iPhone through iTunes to see if it helps since I honestly didn't think it would make any difference, but at this point I'm willing to try anything!

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    As far as I experienced it does not make any difference whether restoring it from a backup (itunes or icloud), or configuring it as a new phone. I tried both ways and the problem always reappeared.

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    Thats a shame... I can't believe how many of these new iPhones have this issue. To this day, I have only ever seen one that hasn't glowed green. Case or no case. It was perfect =[

    I've been waiting for this thread to die down before I go in to replace second time since it would mean the green glow would be getting less frequent, but its only grown =[

    When will Apple identify this as a real issue!

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    I've bought an Iphone 5 (16 gb black) in London, Regent Street.

    Now I have a problem, there is a green glow in the down side of the screen ( green lightening) for over 2 seconds after unlocking/ I didn't find the decision. As I know you can change my iphone, I am in russia now, what should I do?

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    The green glow appeared on my iPhone 5 as soon as I upgraded to 6.0.1.

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    Something like this, but sometimes much brighter.
    We have three Iphones 5 in my family, but only my device has this issue.We all use the same Snap Case. The only difference is that I don't use anti-glare film set. Maybe that's the solution to our issues????

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    I have the same issue with my iPhone, same green glow when i wake the phone up.


    photo copy.JPG

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