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    If the iphone 4 or iphone 3 did not exhibit this problem, then people who upgraded to an iphone 5 should be upset with apple for 'downgrading' the optical characteristics of the lens. Maybe there's even a case for a class action suit. All I can say is pointing any camera toward a strong light source will sometimes create lens flare. Apple's short term solution is correct: tilt the camera slightly or move the camera to a different spot to reduce or eliminate the effect. Has anyone posted comparative lens flare example photos taken with different model iPhones? I would like to see the side by side comparison.

  • ken5 Level 1 (60 points)

    Oh... We are talking about chromatic aberration.


    Even some of the best lenses will do this. I can't see a class action suit being successful for a cell phones camera exhibiting this.

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    "...or shielding the lens with your hand..."

    You gotta be kidding me apple. You must be. Now I have to protect the camera with my hand when I want to take a picture?

    When a new iPhone comes out, I always buy it. If there is anyone from Apple reading this, I have to tell you that I am pretty disappointed with the product, for the first time. That's very bad.

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    Honestly, I bet you come on here and look for problems so you can feel disapointed.


    Try this...


    1. Take an iPhone 4 / 4S and try to take the same picture, the iPhone 4 also has the purple flare. This can be seen in this image ple-lens-flare-on-iphone-5-photos/


    2. Try a different phone maker and look at the results. As most phones use parts bought in, ust as Apple does, its likely the came CCDs are used in different models / makes.


    3. Point any CCD based camera at the sun and see the resulting image ruined by flare and burnout.


    So what can be learnt...


    These problems existed on other phones before iPhone 5, pointing a lens at a bright light source can cause flaring and burning ( even works on your eyes ) and the way to take a good shot is not to point the camera directly at the sun.

  • conorfromvictoria Level 1 (95 points)

    This purpling has nothing to do with pointing the iPhone 5 at direct sunlight. You can see this purple is occuring in more than just the bright light scenarios. This is occuring in total darkness with hot objects as well. As has been pointed out by a friend of mine whom just got his iPhone in Canada.


    It would appear to me, that the use of Sapphire glass has allowed more IR and even possibly UV into the sensor allowing for this purple to show up.

    The purple as I see it is a classical case of NIR pollution. Not only is Sapphire glass completely transparent to NIR it is also transparent to hard UV.

    Hot objects showing up in complete darkness shows that that is little filtering going on in the CCD. This would be why a hot pot on a stove will also have a purple tinge to it as well.


    The nice thing about this problem is that it is easy to fix. Filters are cheap and readily availible.


    No, the tilting of your camera will not slove this problem.   

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    Parrudanet, not all bad things are some1 else's fault. If you cannot learn how to use a device, that does not mean that you can blame your lack of knowledge on the device itself. Spend some 10 minutes reading about photography, you may understand what the issue is here...

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    So now, to be a happy iPhone customer, I have to learn about photography? Haha.

    Please guys. I never had to turn my iPhones before, or put my hand on the lens in order for it to work as expected. That's what matters.

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    Btw, if I wanted to learn about photography I would buy professional camera.

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    Parrudanet, u don't have to learn anything. Ignorance is bliss.

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    If you closely look at the pictures, which Cnn posted, you can see the image with purple blurr is covering more of sun and is also a bit zoomed. Nikon d300 results are much better compared to iPhone 4s, but that is probably due to change in angle and the fact that it is covering less of sun. Arguably  iphone which has 8 mp camera  and better software processing the images, it should technically perform better than iPhone 4s! Following image is by CNN/___sbsstatic___/migration-images/199/19951874-1.jpg

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    Get over it. It's a camera, not a magical device. No respectable photographer would allow the Sun to shine directly into the lense & not expect flare. Shield the lense with your hand or position yourself in the shade to avoid this effect. Common sense really.

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    I have an IPhone 4 that has gone through the 5 and now 6 upgrades. Always marvelled at the picture quality of these phones and I have posted literally 100's of pictures on my Facebook Page taken with the original IPhone 4 software and with the upgraded Iphone 5 software. Never worried about taking my digital camera with me as long as I had my IPhone. I was out this past Sunday on our annual Motorcycle Toy Run and I snapped about 40 random pictures over the course of 4 hours or so. These pictures were taken from early morning to early afternoon in changing light conditions. Note here that these were the first pictures taken since I upgraded to the new IPhone 6 software. I was stunned to see how purple ALL of the pictures were when I posted them on my Facebook Page. Gone are the vibrant, greens, yellows, blues, and reds of the past pictures I took with the same camera. The current pictures (since the upgrade) have a VERY purple, almost washed out, drab look to them. NOT HAPPY!! Apple? Hello? NOT HAPPY here! This has absolutely NOTHING to do with the new IPhone 5 and EVERYTHING to do with the new (terrible) software. I seriously hope a fix is in the works becuase this is totally unexeceptable. Just went outside and took 4 more pictures for reference sake. Downloaded the pictures. Printed them and then went outside to compare them to what I was actually looking at. ALL PURPLE with little resemblance to the actual colors I was looking at.   

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    Humm...  Colors on my photos from my iPhone 4 with iOS 6 and my iPhone 5 are great.


    I have not seen any purple CA on any of my photos. I even took some shots of my stove with hot pots. Nothing.


    Photos in the example above the colors are the same on the 4s and the 5, except for the CA of course.


    Sounds like there are many different issues. Glad I don't have any of them.

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    2012 Toy Run 015.JPG


    Here's a "purple" picture I took on Sunday after the upgrade.

  • SuperRevber2 Level 1 (0 points)

    2012 Toy Run 036.JPG


    Here's the classic new CA effect after the upgrade. Both pictures taken the same day.