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mail synching with a POP server is causing multiple copies of the same mail to be downloaded

iMac, Mac OS X (10.7.2)
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    Maybe some info here



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    I am also having this problem.. did you work it out? Can you help me with it? Let me know either way. Thanks

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    This is an horrenous problem for MANY MANY people I am finding out. I get many emails automaticaly triggered to me from servers I manage for clients, notifications as their administrator etc etc. I can get 100-200 emails a day.


    I switched from Outlok to 'Mail', and Bam! - anywhere from 2 to 8, 9 10 duplicates of every single email!! I'm getting thousands a week!


    Apple seems to be ignoring this problem, and I have seen across many message boards 100's of users wanting a solution. I am not sure why nobody is trying resolve this. None of the scripts work for me, bar once, one of them renmoved about 40 email duplicates. Quite random and randomly after many runs of the script.


    So every day my inboxes grow, and grow, and grow, and grow....you get the drift!


    I love most features of Mail now over Outlook, but these duplicates are making it very very difficult for me to know what is Live, what's needs seeing to and what has been fixed/ dealt with. So many of my emails are similar anyway that it makes it very difficult to know if I need to check if it's a duplicate or not, so I end up having to ceheck every one. a thousand a day!! If I'm out for a day, I spend all my day checking *^%%^&()$ emails!!


    Come on Apple - give us a solution!!