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Is anyone else seeing this issue???


About a week ago we started receiving reports from our executive assistants in regards to strange Outlook calendaring behavior where meeting cancellations were being sent out, but not from the meeting organizer, but one of the meeting attendees. A few details:


  1. The meeting cancellations from the attendee (let's call this person User B) has confirmed they were not in their Outlook calendar, nor were they modifying any calendar related events from their PC or their iDevice(s).
  2. User A (the original meeting organizer) does not receive the meeting cancellation notice, but all other attendees do.
  3. When the cancellations are mistakenly sent out from User B, MULTIPLE cancellations are sent, meaning there are literally 10-20 cancellations sent for the same meeting.


We're running Exchange 2010 SP2 with Outlook 2010.


These reports seem to have started with the release date of the iOS6 update.


We have not patched Exchange/Outlook recently nor have made any other changes to the environment.


I have a case open with MS Support and am waiting for a call back.


Anyone else seeing this??? I searched the Apple Support forums but wasn't seeing this exact issue.



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