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Hey guys,


Just got me a new latest-generation 3TB Time Capsule and hooked it up via ETH, because I have a different Linksys router which I use for my home network and internet access on my rMBP. I've one issue with it, and then an extra question:


1. Why is the Time Capsule not showing under 'SHARED' (in Finder) when it's connected through ethernet? Only when I connect to its wi-fi network (which was created during the initial setup of the TC device), does it come up. But, then I am not connected to my home network, and I want to be able to backup while surfing the web (which brings me to my next question):

2. Am I able to make my Time Capsule connect to my existing home network (via wi-fi or ethernet), so that I will be able to access its disk via Wi-Fi?


The reason for me not using the Time Capsule as my main router, is because it's configuration is very limited.




Time Capsule 802.11n (4th Gen), OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2), MacBook Pro with Retina Display