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Since I update iOS software to iOS 6 on my iPhone 4, the 'iTunes Wi-Fi Sync' screen on states 'Sync will resume when "HENDO" is available".


"HENDO" is a previous Windows PC I had, but I have been syncing with my new Macbook Pro, which before the software update, the iPhone 4 recognised my new Mac name, but since the software update it has reverted back to a previous PC.


Option for 'Sync over Wi-Fi' is ticked on iTunes.


Also the 'Sync Now' is always greyed out.  iTunes does recognise the iPhone and you can initiate the sync over Wi-Fi from iTunes, but can't from iPhone.


Does anybody have any ideas?  Is there another setting I need to have on the iPhone or iTunes?


Any help would be much appreciated


iPhone 4, iOS 6